Crossing the Ts and dotting the Is

For anybody who has been checking regularly this blog, it should be an open secret by now that something is cooking:

I have been working on the new Shop’NCook software release for almost three years now – and I am finally getting close to publishing it.

I am right now waiting for my translators to send me back the files – the new release is truly international, as it runs in French, German and Italian, in addition to English, – adding the last touches to the software, and trying to relax a little before the craziness of publishing a new release starts.

Make sure to check often in coming days to learn more about the new release.

Also, if you have a couple of minutes, please take the survey below (it is very short) to help me make sure the new software comes close to your expectations:

Click here to take the survey

Note: In case you are curious to see what the new release looks like, there is a screenshot at the end of the survey…


  1. shauna ortiz says:

    This looks great! will we need to purchase the license again, or will it be patched!

  2. Mathilde says:


    If you have purchased Shop’NCook less than one year ago, you have a free upgrade to the new version, otherwise you can purchase an upgrade for half of the price of the software.

  3. shauna ortiz says: