I am Mathilde Rufenacht. My background is in mathematics and physics – I even did a short stint teaching first year physics in UCSB.

People asks me often what pushed me to write Shop’NCook software. I wrote it originally to help me with the cooking and grocery shopping for my growing family (I have now five children), as I couldn’t find a product on the market doing what I needed, that is make accurate shopping lists from recipes.

It became rapidly of interest to professional cooks and I added on request costing and nutrition facts labeling functions, creating Shop’NCook Pro software.

My latest product is Shop’NCook Online, a web application replicating some of the features of Shop’NCook Pro and synchronizing with the software. I am using it as well as an experimental ground to test new features before releasing them in the software.

If you are using Shop’NCook and have suggestions to make it still better, I would love to hear from you. You can write me at contact[at]shopncook.com .