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Announcing: Shop’NCook online service | Shop'NCook
Announcing: Shop'NCook online service
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Announcing: Shop’NCook online service

Thank you to all who took the survey on Shop’NCook new online service.

I have been hard at work during the last few months and have finally published the first beta version of Shop’NCook online.

You can watch the video below to get a glimpse of the new service – or you can go ahead without waiting and click on the big button below the video to get started!

Read also below for more information on security, existing features, future plans, and more.

Go to Shop’NCook Online

You can access Shop’NCook online from any browser and use it from anywhere – from any smart phone, tablet or computer. No installation is necessary.

What it does
Shop’NCook online allows you to:

– organize your recipes,
– add recipes from text,
– add a recipe from a picture of its text (OCR function),
– make a shopping list from your recipes,
– cost a recipe,
– compute its nutritional content,
– make a nutrition facts label.

Your data is private and protected with a password. To make sure it is also safe, all transmissions are done on a secure channel.

How to create an account
If you have been using any of Shop’NCook mobile apps or if you have synchronized with Shop’NCook Pro or Menu software, you have already an account and you can login at once. If necessary, you can retrieve your login information by clicking on the + button of the toolbar.

Otherwise, you can easily create a new account by clicking on the + button of the toolbar.

Adding cookbooks
You can access your cookbooks from Shop’NCook Pro and Menu software by synchronizing them.

You can also add cookbooks from Shop’NCook Home software, Shop’NCook Reader software or iShopNCook app by exporting them to XML and uploading them to the service on the main cookbook screen.

During the launch period, Pro access is given for free to everybody until January. After the launch, a free level of access will be maintained. Access to Pro functions will require a subscription.

Future plans
An online service makes it very easy to deploy new functionalities. I plan to continue working full time on it in the coming months and keep making it better. Let me know what are your wishes by leaving a comment below. I am looking forward to get your feedback.

If you still have questions that were not answered above, let me know in the comments below.

Go to Shop’NCook Online


  1. Teresa says:


    I think its awesome that you designed a web-based recipe costing application. I trailed your applications and found that for a business starting out the $200+AUSD was high. however, how much will your subscription on the web-based application be?

    teresa (Ragamuffin)

  2. Deniece says:

    I have had your software for years and just switched to an online app called plan to eat because I click one button and the recipe with the picture category etc all transfer with the click of a button, it’s online , and I can drag and drop recipes into the calendar , and customize my shopping list by clicking items I already have in the pantry I can plan months in advance with drag n drop. Would love to have these options in shop n cook since I invested so much into adding recipes can u do this to your software please?

  3. Enrico says:

    I would like to know if the online version will replace software versions or if you intend to still continue on both directions.
    What formats are planned imports (I’m using paprika) ?

    • Mathilde says:

      I will continue developing both the software and the online app. But because of the flexibility of the online platform, I plan to introduce and test new features first online and then extend them to the software if they are found useful.

      Also, there are many years of development in the software. I don’t plan to duplicate all its functions at once in the online version, but instead will adjust its development in function of users requests.

      I am not familiar with the format used by Paprika. If you send me a sample of recipes exported from it, I can try to make sure the online service can import it.

  4. Marg Foget says:

    I have been your customer for many years. Do I have to use this new app or can I just continue with what I have already purchased? I am not a business, but a private user. I currently have my your app on my smart phones and on my lap top so I can use it when we travel. I don’t want to have to pay a monthly fee.

    • Mathilde says:

      You don’t have to use the online service. It is just an additional tool that can be accessed from any browser and that you can use when you don’t have access to the software and other apps.

      If you have Shop’NCook Kitchen app, you have probably noticed its similarities with the online service. The Kitchen app will be regularly updated to implement the latest features of the online service. You can look forward to an update with the new features very soon!

      You won’t have to pay anything extra for the online service. There will be a single fee to cover the costs of maintaining the synchronization servers that will include access to the online service, Kitchen app, iShopNCook app and synchronization from the software. Owners of the software will have also special conditions.

  5. Florence says:

    I tried to download your free cookbook for Christmas (after I finally got my name & password straight, but it keeps coming up: Cookbook not available. What’s going on?

    • Mathilde says:

      You have to click on the gift button of the toolbar to install the cookbook in your account. I have installed the Homemade Christmas cookbook for you now. You can just login to browse it.

  6. J Sabree says:

    I just signed up for your online special and I am trying to group recipes, how do I perform this task?

    • Mathilde says:

      When you enter a recipe, you can specify one or several categories in the following way:
      Category: breakfast, eggs

      You can after display all the recipes belonging to a category by typing the category name in the search field.

  7. Christiane says:

    Bonjour Mathilde,

    J’ai malheureusement trop tardé pour profiter de l’offre que vous nous avez fait en janvier… Je suis tout de même allé essayer cette version en ligne ce matin.

    Pour une raison que j’ignore, je n’ai pas réussi à importer le livre de recette principal où j’y avais ajouté plusieurs recettes de notre famille. À chaque fois cela m’a indiqué que le livre de recette n’avait pas pu être importé. Est-ce parce qu’il porte le même nom que celui que vous avez déjà dans Shop’N Cook Online?

    J’ai ensuite tenté d’importer le livre de recette que vous offriez gratuitement, ce qui a réussi, mais quand je me réessaie à importer le livre de recettes principal, j’obtiens maintenant le message suivant:

    “The cookbook could not be added as the maximum number of cookbooks has been reached for this account.”

    Pourriez-vous m’expliquer ce que je peux faire?

    Merci à l’avance!

  8. Christiane says:

    Re-bonjour :-)

    Sera-t-il possible éventuellement d’y ajouter d’autres ingrédients?

    Au plaisir,