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Upgrade or purchase backup CD

Here you can:
  • Upgrade to Shop'NCook Home 4.0, Shop'NCook Menu 4.0 or Shop'NCook Pro 4.0: If you have purchased a previous version of one of these programs, you are eligible to a free upgrade up to one year after your purchase and to a 50% discount up to two years.
  • Upgrade between Shop'NCook Home, Shop'NCook Menu and Shop'NCook Pro: You can upgrade between the different editions of Shop'NCook for the current price difference of the products. If you are using an older version of the software, you need to request first a registration number for the latest version before being allowed to upgrade to an other edition.
  • Upgrade to the family license: If you have purchased a single-user license of Shop'NCook Menu or Shop'NCook Pro, you can purchase here a family license add-on that allows you to install the software on up to 4 computers. Note that the family license is limited to users belonging to the same household.
  • Purchase a back-up CD: you can purchase a backup CD and a user's manual of Shop'NCook 4.0 for $12 (a license key is not included).
  • Download bonus: during special promotions, bonus cookbooks may be available as a free download.
To see your options, input your current registration number in the field below and click on Submit.
If you want to upgrade from Shop'NCook Cookbook Reader, you need to purchase a registration number here.

Registration number:
Find your registration number

Start your Shop'NCook on your computer and select "About Shop'NCook" in the Help menu on Windows or in the Shop'NCook menu on Mac OS X. Your registration number is displayed at the top right of the About window.

If you still cannot find your registration number, input in the field below the e-mail address at which your registration number was sent when you purchased Shop'NCook or registered for beta testing. Your previous registration numbers will be sent again to you by e-mail.

E-mail address:

If you encounter a problem to complete the upgrade process, please contact our customer service.