Update Shop'NCook Home

Update 3.4.3 of Shop'NCook Home (formerly Shop'NCook Shopping List & Recipe Manager) has been released. This update is free for every user of Shop'NCook 3.4. You can use the same registration number and just need to run the installer to install the software on top of your current installation. Your data (recipes, database of grocery items) will be preserved. It is however recommended that you make a back-up of your current installation (folder "Shop'NCook 3.4" in folder "Program Files" on Windows and in folder "Applications" on Mac OS X) before updating.

If you are using Shop'NCook 3.1 or a previous version of Shop'NCook, you need a new registration number. You may be eligible for a free upgrade or a discount for Shop'NCook 3.4.3. For more information and to request a new registration number, go to the Upgrade Center.

What's New in Shop'NCook Home 3.4.3

  • a Paste button in the recipe wizard;
  • support of drag & drop of recipes - just drop the whole recipe text onto the recipe panel to import it;
  • supports drag & drop of pictures - just drop a picture onto a recipe to add it;
  • new Toggle button in the recipe editor to transform conveniently a line of instructions into an ingredient line and vice versa;
  • On Mac, supports now the pict image format that is used in particular by FireFox and Internet Explorer browsers.
This version is supported on Mac OS X 10.2, 10.3, 10.4, and 10.5 (Leopard), and on Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP SP2/Vista.

Important upgrade information

If you update Shop'NCook 3.4, just run the installer to update Shop'NCook while preserving your current data. For more safety, it is however recommended that you backup your current installation of Shop'NCook before updating.
If upgrading from Shop'NCook 3.1 or earlier, you will have the option to import your data the first time you start the software. Select the folder Shop'NCook 3.1, or the folder from which you want to import your data. Your cookbooks, item database, sublists and nutritional information will be imported.

New software Shop'NCook Menu

Did you ever wish you could plan your meals directly with Shop'NCook? You can do it now with Shop'NCook Menu. Shop'NCook Menu is integrated with a meal planner tool that allows you to plan meals and generate weekly shopping lists with a click. To upgrade to Shop'NCook Menu, go to the Upgrade Center and input your current registration number.

Purchase a backup CD

You can purchase a backup CD of Shop'NCook 3.4.3 for US$10 (including shipping) at the Upgrade Center. You will need to input your current registration number for Shop'NCook 3.4. The CD includes both the US and International versions of Shop'NCook.