Here are some typical problems that Shop'NCook users can encounter and their solutions.

Ingredients in red

"Why are my ingredients red when I have added them to the database of grocery items?"
You have added to the database an ingredient that was already in it. When an ingredient exists two times in the database, the software cannot link it automatically as it doesn't know which one it should choose and it stays red until it is linked manually. It happens if you have added an ingredient that was already in the database. To fix your recipes, remove from the database the ingredient you have added.

Note: when adding an ingredient to the database, make sure to select "Extended List" in the Tools menu to display all the items. Check also with the search tool that the ingredient does not exist already.

Ingredients don't have quantities

"Why are my recipes displayed without the quantities of my ingredients? Do I have to input them a second time?"

You have input the quantity of the ingredients in the Ingredients tab. Ingredients should only be created in the Recipe tab of the recipe editor. See the slide show "Creating a recipe manually". Or better still, use the wizard to add the whole recipe in once (see the slide show "Creating a recipe with the wizard").

Note: You should only modify an ingredient on the Ingredients tab of the recipe for special purposes, for example if you want to purchase a quantity different than the one specified in the recipe. This is an advanced feature that should only be used if you know what you are doing. For all usual purposes, only modify the ingredient's quantity in the Recipe tab.

I cannot print

"I have Windows Vista and I cannot print my recipes and shopping lists."

Some old printer driver on Windows Vista are incompatible with Java. You can usually fix the problem by downloading and installing the latest drivers from the website of your printer's company. If it doesn't help, try updating your Java Virtual Machine to the latest release.

I cannot send e-mails

"When I try to send my shopping list or recipes, it display an error."

You can find here the e-mail settings for main internet providers. If your is not there or if you still cannot make it work, you can try this alternative solution.

Note: After modifying your e-mail settings, you must restart Shop'NCook before sending e-mails, or it may fail even if the settings are correct.

Strange ingredients in the shopping list

"An ingredient in my recipe is always listed as something completely different in the shopping list. I tried to relink it manually to the correct item but it didn't work."

Your preferences file has been damaged and the database is corrupted. You must rebuild the preferences to fix the problem. Click anywhere on the main window of Shop'NCook and press simultaneously the foolwing keys: CONTROL-SHIFT-K on Windows or COMMAND-SHIFT-K on Mac OS X. When asked if you want to rebuild the preferences, click OK.

None of the above helped? Contact our customer service!