Nutrition Script Library

Nutrition scripts are configuration files that control the way the nutritional analysis of your recipes is displayed. They can be adapted to about any nutritional requirements. This page gives a collection of nutrition scripts for download. For custom solutions, you can get information on creating your own nutrition script here. Help is also provided in the nutrition forum.
If you have a script you would like to share, publish it in the nutrition forum and it will be added here.

How to install a script

Installing a script is easy: first download the script to your computer by right-clicking on its link on Windows, or clicking with the CONTROL key pressed on Mac OS X. Save it in the folder "NutritionScripts" in Shop'NCook's installation folder with a ".txt" extension (for example "rosemary.txt"). You can then select it in the Nutrition tab of the Preferences window of Shop'NCook.

Rosemary's scriptScript for low carbers with net carbs and energy percent of recipe of the net carbsExample:
Nutritional facts per serving (calorie % of recipe):
Calories416 kcal
Fat32 g (68%)
Protein23 g (22%)
Carbohydrate12 g
Dietary Fiber5 g
Net Carbs7 g (6.7%)
Script for diabetesScript with carbohydrate choices and energy percent of recipeExample:
Per serving (calorie % of recipe):
Calorie: 489 kcalCarbohydrate: 51 g (42%)
Protein: 7 g (5.5%)Fat: 29g (52%)
Saturated Fat: 15 gSodium: 4 mg
Fiber: 2g
Carbohydrate choices: 3.4
Total carb and proteinsScript to compute the (approximate) total weight of carbohydrates and proteins, including only the first 4 grams of fibers. This script is a good starting point to implement the Weight Watchers point formula. See the Nutrition forum for more information.Example:
Result: 24 grams
Short format (CDN)Scripts to display the selected nutrients in short format with Canadian daily values
Table format (CDN)Scripts to display the selected nutrients in table format with Canadian daily values