Press release December 18, 2007

Transform any Recipe into Easy-to-Use Ingredients and Instructions

Shop'NCook Automatically Builds Ingredients List, Instructions, Nutritional Analysis, and Shopping List

Rufenacht Innovative has released Shop'NCook 3.4.3 for Windows and Mac OS X, a smart recipe organizer that understands recipes and allows you to organize recipes faster. Shop'NCook makes it easy to import recipes from your own files, from the Internet, and from other software.

With most programs, importing a recipe requires you to input separately the titles, ingredients and preparation instructions. It forces users to do a considerable amount of editing when the ingredients and instructions are mixed. Not so with Shop'NCook: the latest release lets you add a new recipe in less than 20 seconds by a simple drag and drop operation of the whole recipe text. A picture can also be optionally added in the same way.

Shop'NCook's smart wizard uses an advanced technology with real-language like parsing to understand recipes. It accepts recipes where ingredient lines are interwoven with recipe instructions as easily as recipes where ingredients and instructions are separated. The wizard recognizes the ingredients and collates them automatically to the large database of grocery items and nutritional data. You can then tag your recipes and organize them in cookbooks for convenient access.

Shop'NCook also accepts recipes in many of the industry standard formats.

Besides organizing recipes and yielding nutritional analysis, Shop'NCook allows you to create practical aisle-ordered grocery shopping lists from your recipes. The quantities are adjusted to the number of servings and converted to units or package sizes of your choice.

Are you, like many, keeping all your recipes in a large text file? You will be glad to learn that Shop'NCook can digest it in one large gulp, with almost no formatting needed. In no time at all, you can finally have all your recipes intelligently organized with nutritional analysis and shopping lists at the tip of your fingers.

Shop'NCook runs under Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/Vista and Mac OS X. It comes in three editions: Home, Menu and Pro. The price starts at $34.95 (US) for a single-user license with one year of free upgrades. The Menu and Pro editions have additionally meal planning and menu costing capabilities. For more information and to purchase, visit or contact Rufenacht Innovative, Staeblistr. 20 A, CH-5200 Brugg, Switzerland. Tel: +41 56 441 59 11. E-mail: contact at