Press release November 15, 2007

Shop'NCook Menu Simplifies Meal Planning

Rufenacht Innovative has released Shop'NCook Menu 3.4 for Windows and Mac OS X, a powerful meal planning application that saves time and money. Shop'NCook Menu flexible design makes it a breeze to plan meals and shop for ingredients.

Unlike other recipe and shopping software, Shop'NCook Menu's technology understands meal planning. It does not force you to format recipes into a rigid structure, but understands them in the format that you use. It does not limit you to one week of planning or one menu per day, but lets you organize as many menus as you need for your family or your business. It does not require tedious work to set up a list of grocery items, but already includes a database of more than 2000 articles. It does not ask you to pick the grocery items you need for each recipe, but figures them out by itself. And it makes practical, aisle-ordered shopping lists from your menu list, with package sizes and units you actually find in the supermarket.

Behind the friendly interface, advanced technology is at work to make the user experience as smooth as possible: real language-like parsing to understand the recipes, recognize the ingredients and interpret the quantities, matching of the ingredients with the database of grocery items, sorting the shopping from the preparation instructions to make accurate grocery lists, scaling of the ingredient quantities and conversion to shopping units.

With Shop'NCook Menu, planning a month of meals takes a matter of minutes. You paste a new recipe to add to the recipe organizer. You drag your recipes onto the calendar and organize them in menus if you wish. The recipes are automatically scaled to the number of servings of each menu. When you are happy with your planning, you can print the menus for the desired number of days as well as all the corresponding recipes, properly scaled. You then add the ingredients you need to the shopping list with a click of the mouse. The shopping list will either aggregates the quantities for all the recipes or itemizes them per recipe, depending on your shopping preferences.

Shop'NCook Menu also computes the nutritional analysis of your individual menus, helping you fulfill your nutritional goals.

Other noteworthy features of Shop'NCook Menu are a menu library to save your favorite menus, the possibility to combine recipes, sublists allowing you to reuse and combine shopping lists, and the capability to import recipe archives directly from the Internet, making it easy to create collections of recipes.

Shop'NCook Menu runs under Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/Vista and Mac OS X, and costs $49.95(US) for a single-user license with one year of free upgrades. A Pro version with a recipe-costing feature is also available for $99.95(US). For more information and to purchase, visit or contact Rufenacht Innovative, Staeblistr. 20 A, CH-5200 Brugg, Switzerland. Tel: +41 56 441 59 11. E-mail: contact at