Press release August 17, 2006

Shop'NCook: Smart Cooking Software

Rufenacht Innovative announces the release of Shop'NCook 3.4, a recipe and grocery organizer program for Windows 98/NT/2000/XP and Mac OS X platforms.

Facilitating the input of recipes is an important requirement of cooking programs. While most applications have some capability to import plain text recipes, they usually require a strict formatting and to separate ingredient lines from cooking instructions. Shop'NCook's smart recipe wizard uses a novel parsing technology to recognize automatically the ingredient lines - even when they are interwoven with recipe instructions.

Just type or paste a recipe in the wizard and it does the rest: it interprets it, links the ingredients with the large database of grocery items or with other recipes, and yields an accurate nutritional analysis without user intervention.

Shop'NCook organizes the recipes by categories and in cookbooks that can be read by anyone with the free companion software Shop'NCook Cookbook Reader. Its powerful scaling tool can scale the text of the recipes as well as the ingredient list. Do you cook with butter rather than margarine? Do you use weight rather than volume units? No problem! Shop'NCook performs the ingredient substitutions and unit conversions to fit your cooking habits. Users can display the nutritional analysis for more than forty nutrients and choose among several nutrition display formats. A system of nutrition scripts allows you to tailor Shop'NCook to any diet system and to compute custom nutrition formulas.

No more shopping for one cup of chopped onions: when adding ingredients from a recipe to the shopping list, the quantities are converted automatically to your preferred shopping units. You can choose to itemize the quantities per recipe or aggregate them. Contrary to most recipe softwares, shopping lists can also be created by selecting directly items in the database, adding from sublists, or just typing in new items. With a few clicks of the mouse, you generate a compact, practical and aisle-ordered shopping list.

Shop'NCook costs $34.95(US) for a single-user license with one year of free upgrades. A Pro version with a recipe costing feature is also available. For more information and to purchase, visit or contact Rufenacht Innovative, Staeblistr. 20 A, CH-5200 Brugg, Switzerland. Tel: +41 56 441 59 11. E-mail: contact at