I Want To Make A Grocery List

My quest for a perfect grocery list

A grocery list should be clear, complete, accurate. It should be also aisle-ordered to be out of the supermarket faster. When I started making grocery lists, I used to spend half an hour or more to make one. I would send it to my husband by e-mail so that he can go grocery shopping on the way back home. The results were dreadful. First, the grocery list was incomplete, because I would forget to list something. Then, the grocery list wasn't aisle-ordered, and as a result my husband had to run back and forth in the supermarket. He would either run out of time and didn't complete the purchase, or just plainly forget to buy some items on the grocery list.
I looked around for a software to make a grocery list. I wanted a software that:
  • would just let me click to select grocery items out of a list or use pre-made grocery lists and add to them to make grocery lists faster;
  • would let me add ingredients directly from recipes so that I don't forget anything - and let me track which ingredients where for which recipes;
  • sort everything according to the aisles of my supermarket so that my husband doesn't lose time and forget things.
I didn't find this software. I found either check list software that let you select grocery items but did not let you add from recipes, or recipe software that didn't let you select individual items on grocery list. No software combined all the features I wanted to make my perfect grocery list. So I made this software myself. The result is Shop'NCook. Now I can make accurate and aisle-ordered grocery lists in seconds. If you want to see for yourself, just download it now for a free trial!

Mathilde Rufenacht, author of Shop'NCook

10 minutes tutorial to the recipe software Shop'NCook: how to organize your recipes, analyse their cost and nutritional content, plan your meal and make a grocery list.
10 minutes tutorial
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