Shop'NCook Mobile Kitchen App

Plan your Meals, Shop and Cook - on all your Devices, from Anywhere

Plan your meals, shop for groceries and cook - on your computer, mobile phone and tablet - seamlessly from anywhere

Shop'NCook Mobile Kitchen app is the companion app of Shop'NCook software. It gives you access to your recipes and shopping list on the go. It is free for all users of Shop'NCook Menu and Pro and only requires a valid synchronization account.

Mobile Kitchen runs on most mobile platforms - Android, iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, Blackberry, and more - and allows you to

  • access your recipes from anywhere - while shopping, in holidays or with friends
  • find the perfect recipe in second by searching your recipes by title, category or ingredients
  • plan your meals on the fly by adding recipes and items to your shopping list with a tap
  • easily add recipes to your cookbooks just by taking a picture of the text of the recipe with the built-in OCR function or by typing it in
  • view your shopping list and check the purchased items directly on your mobile devices
  • ... and much more

With the Mobile Kitchen app, you can seamlessly organize your recipes on your computer, plan your meals on your tablet and go shopping with your phone.

It is fully compatible with Shop'NCook cloud synchronization: the modifications to your cookbooks on one device are almost immediately transmitted to your other mobile devices and to the software the next time you synchronize.

To get started, synchronize your cookbooks with Shop'NCook software and install the app on all your devices. If you don't have Shop'NCook Menu or Pro software, you can download it here for a free 45-day trial.