Recipe Organizer Shop'NCook Lite for iPhone

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Access thousands of recipes of Shop'NCook online database. The database can be searched offline. The application requires network access the first time you view a recipe. It is afterwards stored on your device for fast offline access.

Organize your own recipes by adding them to the database. Recipes can be easily added with copy and paste, or by typing. The application uses Shop'NCook proprietary technology to recognize the ingredients and quantities in the recipes, so that they don't need to be input separately like on other apps.

Moreover, by creating a free database account, you will be able to access conveniently your recipes and bookmarks on all your devices with Shop'NCook: iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac and PC.

The application supports recipes in English, French, German and Italian. Note: most of the recipes of the database are currently in English. At publication time, only a handful of recipes are available in French, German and Italian.


  • add or remove your recipes from the database
  • bookmark recipes
  • limit the display to your own recipes or to bookmarked recipes
  • browse by categories
  • scale to a different number of servings
  • send recipes by e-mail
  • display recipes full screen for cooking

This application can be used concurrently with Shop'NCook software for Mac or Windows, to give you more convenience and flexibility for managing of your recipes.

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