How to make a printable grocery list in seconds

Shop'NCook grocery list software

Create your grocery list in seconds with Shop'NCook software. Shop'NCook has a large template of more than 2000 grocery items. You create a grocery shopping list by checking items in the grocery list template. The grocery items are separated in 40 categories. You display the grocery items belonging to a category by clicking on the category name. The template can be displayed in two modes: the extended mode in which all the grocery items of the template are displayed, and the main mode in which only the main grocery items are displayed. The user can freely create new categories and add new grocery items to the template in the template editor. The order of the grocery items can be set to match the order of the aisles of your grocery store or supermarket in order to create aisle-ordered grocery lists.

You can also add items to the grocery list from sublists. A sublist is a partial grocery list. You can save your grocery list as sublist to enable you to reuse it in future grocery lists. The items from a sublist are added to the current grocery list with a click of the mouse.

Beside selecting grocery items directly in the template and adding grocery items from sublists, you can add ingredients to the grocery list from recipes. Shop'NCook organizes your recipes and links automatically the recipe ingredients with the corresponding grocery items of the template. By adding ingredients to the grocery list directly from the recipes, you are sure not to forget anything at the supermarket. Moreover, Shop'NCook convert automatically the units of measure of the recipe ingredients in units convenient for grocery shopping - ounces or gram or any other user-defined unit. You can also choose to have the ingredient quantities itemized by recipes or aggregated in the grocery list, whichever fits best your grocery shopping habits.

After you have written your grocery shopping list, you can print it. Several print options are available. You can print the grocery list on one or two columns, with or without category headers. The character font and color can be customized. You can also select to send the grocery list by e-mail.

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10 minutes tutorial
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