Detailed Features

Grocery List Manager

  • Grocery lists: Create grocery lists in seconds by checking items, typing them in or adding from recipes and sublists.
  • Database of grocery items: Customize the database of 2000 grocery items. Add new items and categories. Organize them according to the aisles of your supermarket.
  • Adding from recipes: Add ingredients from recipes to the grocery list in the units of measure of your choice. Correct the quantities for waste and make automatic ingredient substitutions.
  • Shopping styles: Itemize the ingredients of the grocery list per recipe or not, to fit your shopping style.
  • Exporting grocery list: Send the grocery lists by e-mail, or print them in different formats. Export them in HTML or SplashShopper formats to your PDA.

Recipe Organizer

  • Recipe wizard: Create new recipes easily by pasting or typing them. The recipe wizard interprets them, recognize the ingredients and compute the costing and nutritional information automatically.
  • Real recipe scaling: Scale your recipes to the desired number of serving or serving size. Scaled recipes can be printed or saved. Even the recipe instructions can optionally be scaled. Other scaling options: conversion to US or metric units, conversion from volume to weight units, ingredient substitution, etc.
  • Cookbooks: Organize your recipes in cookbooks. Cookbooks are ideal for sharing collections of recipes as a single file. Shop'NCook cookbooks can be read by anybody with the free software Shop'NCook Cookbook Reader. A few cookbooks are included with the installation. Many more are available as free download.
  • Combining recipes: Recipe ingredients can link to other recipes. The recipes will be automatically merged to yield the nutritional analysis and grocery list of the linked recipes.
  • Pictures: A picture can be added to the recipes.
  • Cooking view: The recipes can be displayed in full-screen mode with large characters for cooking time.
  • Search: Search the recipes by title, categories, and ingredients.
  • Recipe import/export: Import recipes from files or clipboard. Available import formats: Shop'NCook Exchange (.SCX), Meal-Master (.MM), MasterCook (MXP and MX2). Import also unformatted plain text recipes. Export recipes in HTML and other formats.
  • Internet resources: Download recipe archives directly from internet with the specialized browser tool. Have fun uncovering hundreds of thousands of recipes scattered in internet archives!
  • Direct Access: Access the recipes of our online recipe database Our Direct Access technology lets you search the recipes offline and fetch them with a click.

Meal Planner

  • Calendar: Drag & drop your recipes to add them to a day of the calendar. Each day can be organized in as many menus as you want. The recipes are automatically scaled to match the number of servings of the menus.
  • Menu library: Save your menus in the menu library for reusing them at a later time.
  • Menu manager: The menu manager allows you to view up to one month-worth of menu at a time and add their ingredients selectively to the shopping list with a click of the mouse. The menus and their recipes can be printed, sent by e-mail and exported to plain text or HTML formats.

Nutritional Analysis

  • Nutritional analysis: Calculate the nutritional analysis of your recipes and menus effortlessly. Shop'NCook links automatically recipe ingredients to a nutrition database and yields an accurate nutritional information. A color codes allows you to see with a glance which ingredients are included in the nutritional analysis.
  • Nutrition database: A comprehensive database with data for more than 40 nutrients is included with Shop'NCook. You can find the full list of available nutrients in the online users' manual. You can edit the nutritional and unit conversion information.
  • Nutrition scripts: Nutrition scripts are configuration files that control the display of the nutritional analysis of your recipes and compute nutritional formulas. They allow you to adapt Shop'NCook to your specific nutritional requirements. You can download ready-made nutrition scripts at the script library.
Consult also Shop'NCook users' manual online for more information.
10 minutes tutorial to the recipe software Shop'NCook: how to organize your recipes, analyse their cost and nutritional content, plan your meal and make a grocery list.
10 minutes tutorial
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