Questions about shopping lists

I would like to know for which dishes are the ingredients I picked for the shopping list.

Shop'NCook has been designed to fit different shopping styles and can be easily customized to your need. To see from which recipes the ingredients come, select Preferences in Shop'NCook menu to open the preference panel and select the option "Add recipe title to comment field". When this option is selected, the title of the recipe is added automatically to the comment fields of the items of the shopping list.
If you are using supermarkets, make sure that you have selected to display the comments in the supermarket information window.
I don't like the units into which ingredients are converted in the shopping list.

If you don't want automatic unit conversion, open the preference panel and deselect the option "Use preferred units". When this option is unchecked, the recipe units are used. Alternatively, if you would like to change the preferred unit for garlic for example or disable unit conversion only for garlic, click on "Edit" in the toolbar of the Shopping List tab to edit the item database, scroll to the item "garlic". In the pull-down menu on the right, type "NO_UNIT_DEFINED" instead of "WEIGHT" to disable unit conversion for garlic or type in "clove" to convert automatically the quantity of garlic in number of cloves - even if it is specified in weight or volume units in the recipes.
Can you delete unwanted items from the database of grocery items?

Predefined database item can be deleted, but it is not recommend as by doing so you will affect fundamental features of the software, like its ability to recognize ingredients in recipes automatically.
I am having a problem with the Pantry List Editor. I cannot add more items. Any suggestions of how to do this?

To add an item to the Never Add List:
  1. Open the Never Add List editor in the Shopping List tab of the Preferences panel.
  2. Click on the Add button. A new empty line is added.
  3. Click on the first part of the new line. The empty field will be changed into a pull-down menu.
  4. Type the name of the item you want to add in the field of the pull-down menu (for example: "pepper").
  5. Click on the arrow of the pull-down menu to display the list of the corresponding items of the database.
  6. Select an item (for example: "Spices & seasonings:pepper"). The name of the item will be displayed now in the new line.
  7. If you want, select a unit and type a limiting quantity.
  8. Click the OK button to save the list.