Questions about installation and registration

I have downloaded the file, but my Mac computer is unable to open the program.

Here are a list of possible reasons for your problem and their solutions:
  1. You have downloaded the file ShopNCook.exe: ShopNCook.exe is the software for Windows. You must download . If you don't have the correct file, go to and select to download the version for Mac OS X.
  2. did not expand automatically into the file ShopNCook.dmg: Double-click on it to expand it.
  3. ShopNCook.dmg was not mounted automatically automatically as a volume: double-click on it to mount it. When it is mounted, a new window displaying the content of the volume is opened. If it still doesn't mount, find the application Disk Copy in your Applications folder and drag the file ShopNCook.dmg onto it.
Once the file ShopNCook.dmg is mounted, double-click on the installer to start the installation.
Do I need to remove/uninstall the trial version before I download and install the full version?

You should not uninstall Shop'NCook. You can reinstall it on top of your previous installation. Your data will be preserved. Note that if you have installed the trial version, you don't need to reinstall Shop'NCook. Just input the registration number to make the installation of the trial version permanent.
I get an error when I try to install. Can you help me?

You should first check that you have the correct file for your operating system. You must have one of the following file:
  • ShopNCook.exe, SNCMenu.exe, SNCPro.exe or SNCReader.exe for Windows 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP Service Pack 2, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
  •,, or for Mac OS X 10.2 or later
On Windows:
If you have trouble starting or finishing the installation, the file may be corrupted. You should try to download it again. If you have trouble starting the software, you may have the Java virtual machine missing on your computer, or have an older version of Java. If the software cannot install automatically the latest version of Java, you should try to install and download it manually from .

On Mac OS X:
The downloaded file with extension ".zip" (for example should expand automatically into a file with extension ".dmg" (for example ShopNCook.dmg). If it doesn't, you have to double-click on it. The file with .dmg extension should be mounted automatically as a new volume on your desktop. If it doesn't, you need to use the utility Disk Copy in your Application folder to mount it.

If none of this helps, send us an e-mail with your operating system and a detailed description of the problem, and we will be happy to help you!

I purchased Shop'NCook but haven't received my registration number.

The registration number is sent to you automatically when you purchase Shop'NCook. Make sure you check the e-mail account you specified during your purchase. If you don't see our message, check that it has not been caught in a spam filter. If you still don't see our message, contact us, but first make sure that your computer and e-mail provider allow messages from - if the message with purchase confirmation could not reach you, it is likely that our reply to your inquiry will be blocked likewise. Write also your phone number in the message so that we can contact you by phone if our messages keep getting blocked.
My registration number is rejected. Is it wrong?

Make sure you have purchased a registration number for Shop'NCook Home, Shop'NCook Menu or Shop'NCook Pro. You must type the license name and registration number must be input exactly like given. If your registration number keeps being rejected, check that it corresponds to the version and edition of Shop'NCook you are using. The edition and version number of the software is displayed on the spash screen displayed at program start.

If you are not sure for which version you purchased a registration number, go to the Upgrade Center and scroll to the bottom of the page. Input the e-mail address you used when purchasing Shop'NCook. Your registration number(s) with corresponding version number will be automatically resent to you by e-mail.

I have upgraded to version 4.0, and I have now both version 3.4 and the new version in my application folder. I thought it was going to replace the old one. Can I just delete the 3.4?

In version 3.4, your data were all saved in the installation folder, that is in folder "Shop'NCook 3.4", "Shop'NCook Menu 3.4" or "Shop'NCook Pro 3.4" in the Program Files folder (Windows) or Applications folder (Mac OS X). Before deleting the previous installation, you should make sure you have correctly imported all your data into the new installation.

The first time you start Shop'NCook after upgrading, you are offered the possibility to import your data from version 3.4 or another installation. If you have several versions or editions of Shop'NCook on your computer, make sure you import your data from the correct copy. After your data have been transfered, double-check that all your data is there.

To uninstall the previous version, drag simply the installation folder for version 3.4 to the trash on Mac OS X, or run first the uninstaller, then drag the remaining files to the trash on Windows.

I upgraded Shop'NCook to the latest version, but my registration number is rejected. What do I do now?

Your registration number is for a previous version of Shop'NCook. You need to get a new registration number for the new version. Go to the Upgrade Center and input your current registration number. If you are eligible for an upgrade, i.e. within one year of purchase, your new registration number will be sent to you automatically by e-mail. Otherwise, you can purchase an additional year of upgrade at a discounted price.
I upgraded from version 3.4 to the latest version, but when I started the new software, all my recipes were gone! How can I get them back?

Your recipes are still intact! Your previous installation was not overwritten. In version 3.4, your data was stored in the software installation folder. You need to import your data from version 3.4 to the new data folder to access your saved recipes.

The first time you start Shop'NCook after the installation, you are asked if you want to import your data from a previous version. Select to import. If you have several editions or versions of Shop'NCook on your computer, make sure to select the correct one to import.

If you missed the import procedure the first time you started the new software, you can still reinitiate the import procedure in the following way:

  1. If you have added recipes to the new version, export all the new recipes by selecting them and choosing "Export to Shop'NCook Exchange format (*.SCX)" in the File menu.
  2. Exit Shop'NCook.
  3. Delete the new Shop'NCook data folder "Shop'NCook Home", "Shop'NCook Menu", "Shop'NCook Pro" or "Shop'NCook Reader". The data folder is created by default in your documents folder.
  4. Start Shop'NCook again;
  5. When prompted, select to import your data from a previous installation. Browse if necessary to the installation folder of version 3.4.
  6. After the data of version 3.4 has been imported, select "Import..." in the File menu to import the file where you have exported the new recipes.
My computer crashed recently and I lost my registration number for Shop'NCook. Can you help me?

Go to the Upgrade Center and scroll to the bottom of the page. Input in the field the e-mail address you used when you purchased the software and click on Send. Your registration number(s) will be automatically resent to you by e-mail.
I want to include Shop'NCook in my backup scheme. Which files should I backup?

You should make a copy of your data folder, that is folder "Shop'NCook Home", "Shop'NCook Menu", "Shop'NCook Pro" or "Shop'NCook Reader". The data folder is created by default in your documents folder.
I have changed my computer and need to transfer my shopping list and recipes to my new computer.

  1. Copy your Shop'NCook data folder to your documents folder ("My Documents" on Windows or "Documents" on Mac OS X). The name of your data folder should be one of the following, depending on your edition of Shop'NCook: "Shop'NCook Home", "Shop'NCook Menu", "Shop'NCook Pro" or "Shop'NCook Reader".
  2. Install Shop'NCook on the new computer and run it.
  3. Click "Yes" when the software asks you if the data folder you have copied is your data folder.
I would like to uninstall Shop'NCook. How do you remove it completely?

On Mac computers: drag and drop to the trash Shop'NCook application (for example file "Shop'NCook"). It is usually in your Applications folder. Throw then to the trash your data folder, that is folder "Shop'NCook Home", "Shop'NCook Menu", "Shop'NCook Pro" or "Shop'NCook Reader" in your documents folder.

On Windows computer: first run the uninstaller for Shop'NCook software. After that, drag and drop to the trash your Shop'NCook data folder, that is folder "Shop'NCook Home", "Shop'NCook Menu", "Shop'NCook Pro" or "Shop'NCook Reader" in your documents folder.

Note that this procedure will uninstall completely the software, including the recipe files you may have create with it. If you want to update to a newer version of the same release, just replace the software file itself by the new version or run the installer..