Questions about costing (Pro version only)

Is it possible to specify the cost unit in unit other than weight unit?

The cost unit pull down menu show the units known to the software for the given item. If no unit conversion information has been added (see next question of the FAQ), it only lists weight units by default. However, you don't need to select a unit in the pull-down menu. To input an arbitrary unit as cost unit, click in the field of the pull-down menu and type the unit of your choice ("gallon" or "pack" for example).
Can Shop'NCook Pro compute the cost for a different unit than the cost unit?

If you specified a weight, respectively a volume unit as cost unit, Shop'NCook Pro can compute the cost of the ingredient for any weight units, respectively any volume unit. If you want the software to be able to compute the cost for a different type of unit, you need to add unit conversion data to the item. You can do it in the Nutrition Editor. To reach the editor, click on the question mark next to the item in the shopping list panel. Click then on the Edit button of the new window. At the top of the editor window, you have the unit conversion panel. Click on the Add button to add a unit. You can then type the name of the units from which and to which you want to convert and their weights in oz or gram, depending on your preference settings. For example, if you have specified the cost in unit of "pack" but want the software to be able to compute the cost for any volume unit (tbsp, cup, etc.), you need to add unit conversion information in the nutrition editor both for "pack" (pack = 1 kg for example) and for a volume unit (cup = 250 g for example). You only need to give the unit conversion information for one volume unit: Shop'NCook Pro will compute automatically the unit conversion factor for the other volume units.
For more information, watch the slide show "Nutritional information". At the end of the slide show, you can see an example of adding a unit conversion data to an item of the database.