Shop'NCook User's Manual


Shop'NCook can correct the ingredient quantities for waste when adding to the shopping list or when costing. For example, if your recipe requires 1 cup of chopped onion, it corresponds to a weight 5.7 oz or 160 g of onion without peel. But you purchase usually onion with peel. Therefore, the weight of the onion has to be corrected for the peel, which is about a 3% increase.

To see the predefined waste or refuse percent, display the nutritional information window of the item.

You can enable the waste treatment in the Preferences.

The waste depends on how your ingredients are pre-processed. For example, you can buy clams with shell or without shells. This will give a great difference in the quantity of refuse. If you enable the waste correction, you should always make sure that it corresponds to the ingredient as you purchase it.

Note that waste correction should only be done when the quantity in the recipe corresponds to the ingredient without waste. If the ingredient is measured with waste, then waste correction should not take place.

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