Shop'NCook User's Manual

Pantry and substitutions

pantry and substitutions

In the Shopping List tab of the Preferences, you can enable the pantry and the list of substitutions.

The pantry

The ingredients you keep in your pantry are not added by default to the shopping list when adding from a recipe or a menu. Keep in the pantry a list of all the ingredients you have usually on hand.

To replenish your pantry with a click of the mouse, it is practical to create also a corresponding sublist with the ingredients of your pantry.

The list of substitutions

With the list of substitutions, you can substitute automatically an ingredient for another. Substitutions takes place when adding the ingredients of your recipes to the shopping list. It will also affect the cost analysis of your recipes. You can select in the Preferences to make the replacement in the recipe itself, in which case it will change the nutritional analysis too.

You can use the substitution feature to group together ingredients that are equivalent for you (for example butter and unsalted butter) or to substitute another ingredient for health reason, like substituting automatically a low fat alternative of the ingredients.

Editing the pantry and the substitution lists

After enabling these functions in the preferences, you can click on the edit button to modify them. In the pantry and substitution editors, click on the + button to add a new ingredient. Click on the empty ingredient field, type the name of the ingredient and link it to a corresponding item of the database.

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