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Nutritional analysis

nutritional analysis

Shop'NCook knows the nutritional analysis of most of the grocery items of its database and includes the USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference.


The nutritional information is available for the following nutrients:

Viewing the nutritional data

You can view the nutritional information of an item of the database in the Item selector by clicking on the question mark next to the item name. The window that opens displays the nutritional information of the raw item. Click on the "Cooked" button of the toolbar to display the nutritional information of the cooked item. You can scale the nutritional information by inputting a quantity in the toolbar and clicking on the Calculate button.

Editing the nutritional data

In the nutritional information window (see above), click on the Edit button to open the nutritional information editor. In the editor, you can import the nutritional data from the USDA database by clicking on the database button of the toolbar. You can modify the nutrient values and input new unit conversion information.

Computation of the nutritional analysis

The nutritional analysis of your recipes and menus is computed based on the nutritional information of the raw ingredients. It does not take into account the nutrient loss due to processing.

When the nutritional information of an ingredient cannot be computer, the ingredient is displayed in color in the Nutrition tab of the recipe or menu. Only the ingredients in black are included in the nutritional analysis. To turn an ingredient black, click on the magic wand and the software will guide you through the steps necessary to fix the ingredient.

Note that the default nutritional information of the ingredients may be different from the actual nutritional value of the ingredients you are using. For a more accurate analysis, you should make sure that the nutritional information corresponds to your ingredients.


The nutritional analysis provided is not intended for medical nutrition therapy. If you are following a strict diet for medical or dietary reason, consult first with a physician or dietician before planning your meals based on this software.

Displaying the nutritional analysis

The nutritional breakdown by ingredients is displayed in the Nutrition tabs of the Cookbooks and Menus section. The nutritional analysis is also optionally displayed at the bottom of the recipes and menus.

You control in the Preferences which nutrients are displayed in the Nutrition tab and the format of the nutritional analysis. You can choose among a large selection of available formats.

Shop'NCook allows you also to define your own nutritional data format by writing so-called nutrition scripts. Nutrition scripts can also compute points from a formula and display them automatically in your recipes. Nutrition scripts are outside the scope of this help. See Shop'NCook support page for more information.

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