Shop'NCook User's Manual


The program Shop'NCook is a complete solution for the kitchen that will allow you to

This help is for the three editions of Shop'NCook: Shop'NCook Home, Shop'NCook Menu and Shop'NCook Pro. Not all these above features may be available in your edition. See the table below to learn which features are available in it:

Shop'NCook HomeShop'NCook MenuShop'NCook Pro
Easy import of recipe
Organization in cookbooks
Collection of free cookbooks
Access to the recipe of the Direct Access database
Automatic nutritional analysis
Shopping lists
Automatic ingredient substitution
Possibility to combine recipes
Shopping lists for several markets
Meal plans
Organization of cookbooks by chapters
Easy import of supplier's data

Important: The screenshots in this help are for the Pro edition of the software. If you cannot find features described in this help or if the screenshot of your application doesn't look exactly like the picture, refer to the table above to see what is included in your edition.

Getting started

Shop'NCook is built in a way that it provides easy-to-use functionalities from the start without any set-up, but also allows deep customization of its features to meet your needs.

Each section of this help can be read independently of the others. If you are new to Shop'NCook, I recommend you to start with the next chapter to learn how to add your own recipes and download the collection of cookbooks. Try then to play a little with the software and consult the remaining sections as need arises.

More help resources

This manual is not exhaustive. For more detailed information on some feature, video tutorials, frequently asked questions, etc. or to contact us directly for a personalized help, go to our support page.
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