Shop'NCook User's Manual

The color code

Shop'NCook uses a color code to indicate when an ingredient has a problem that prevents it from being added to the nutrition and cost calculation. The different colors require different actions to fix the problem.

The color code is as follows:

RedMeaning The ingredient is not linked to a grocery item.
Action Click on the magic wand and link it to the database manually or add it.
BlueMeaning The ingredient quantity is not specified or the software does not know how to convert the unit.
Action If the quantity is missing, edit the recipe and input a quantity for the ingredient. Otherwise, click on the magic wand and input the necessary unit conversion information.
GreenMeaning Nutrition tab: the nutritional information is missing; Costing tab: the cost information is missing.
Action Click on the magic wand to be taken to the nutritional information editor or to the cost information dialog to input the missing information.
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