Comparison of Shop'NCook 4.0 Editions

The three editions at a glance

  • Shop'NCook Reader: Cooking software with integrated shopping list manager and nutritional analysis.
  • Shop'NCook Menu: Cooking and meal planner software with a shopping list manager and nutritional analysis.
  • Shop'NCook Pro: All of Shop'NCook Menu, plus costing functions to cost out recipes, menus and budget groceries.

Detailed feature comparison

Shop'NCook Reader
Shop'NCook Reader Software
Shop'NCook Menu
Shop'NCook Menu Meal Planning Software
Shop'NCook Pro
Shop'NCook Recipe Costing Pro Software
Recipe Manager
Recipe wizard to add easily new recipes with automatic recognition of ingredientsOKOKOK
Learn as you use it, so that it becomes always easier and faster to add a new recipe-OKOK
Advanced search function, including search per ingredient and ultra-fast full text searchOKOKOK
Understands recipes in four languages: English, German, French and ItalianOKOKOK
Pictures can be added to recipesOKOKOK
A recipe can refer to other recipesOKOKOK
Organisation of recipes in categoriesOKOKOK
Organisation of recipes in cookbooksOKOKOK
Free cookbooks available for downloadOKOKOK
Cooking view of the recipes with large fontOKOKOK
Recipe scaling for any number of servings and yieldOKOKOK
Scaling of recipe instructions-OKOK
Automatic ingredient substitution-OKOK
Simple pantry-OKOK
Conversion between US and metric units-OKOK
Conversion from volume to weight units-OKOK
Tool to send recipes by e-mailOKOKOK
Export recipes to HTML and other formatsOKOKOK
Import recipes in Meal-Master, MasterCook and other popular formatsOKOKOK
Browser tool to import easily of recipe archives from internetOKOKOK
Access to the Direct Access recipe database with more than 70000 recipes-OKOK
Access your recipes on the go with Shop'Ncook iPhone/iPad app or on the Internet with the built-in cloud synchronization-OKOK
Organisation of cookbooks in chapters-OKOK
Share your recipes among all your computers with the built-in synchronization function-OKOK
Shopping List Manager
Fully customizable database of 2000 grocery items with nutritional information-OKOK
Shopping lists can be composed by clicking on items or adding from recipes-OKOK
The shopping lists can be organized according to the aisle order-OKOK
Sublists to add easily groups of grocery items to the shopping list-OKOK
Automatic conversion to preferred shopping list units when adding from recipes-OKOK
Possibility to aggregate ingredient quantities or itemize them by recipes-OKOK
Correction of recipe quantities for waste-OKOK
Automatic ingredient substitution-OKOK
Tool to send shopping lists by e-mail-OKOK
Export of shopping lists to SplashShopper format (PDA software)-OKOK
Support for several supermarkets-OKOK
Barcode support-OKOK
Shopping lists with actual product name and count-OKOK
Optimize the shopping list to get the best price for your supplies--OK
Send directly your purchase order to your suppliers--OK
Meal Planner
Calendar to plan meals-OKOK
Organization of meals in menus-OKOK
Library of menus to save and reuse whole menus-OKOK
View of meal plan for a day, week, a month, or an arbitrary number of days-OKOK
Automatic scaling of recipes to match the portion number of the menus-OKOK
Tool to add ingredients of menus to the shopping list with a click-OKOK
Tool to print menus and their associated recipes-OKOK
Tool to send menu and their associated recipes by e-mail-OKOK
Export of menus and recipes to HTML and plain text formats-OKOK
Nutritional analysis
Automatic calculation of the nutritional analysis of recipes-OKOK
Nutritional break down per ingredient in recipes-OKOK
Fully customizable database of nutritional data for more than 40 nutrients, including harder to find nutrients like trans fat, caffeine, glutamic acid-OKOK
Easy import of nutritional information from the USDA database-OKOK
Support of nutrition scripts to control the display of nutritional data-OKOK
Nutritional analysis of a menu with nutritional breakdown per ingredient-OKOK
Average of nutrients per day over a period of time-OKOK
Easy import of supplier cost data--OK
Cost breakdown per ingredient of recipes--OK
Cost breakdown per ingredient of menus--OK
Cost analysis of the shopping list with actual product prices and quantities--OK