The fastest recipe import… ever!!!

This video shows how a recipe can be imported into Shop’NCook in less than 20 seconds.

Note: The recipe costing is in the Pro edition and the meal planner in Menu and Pro editions only.


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  2. Giovanna says:

    I need to know is coud posible found and spanish version for the software that yours show

    thanks and regards

  3. Mathilde says:

    Giovanna, there is no plan at the time being to create a Spanish version of Shop’NCook, – unless some Spanish-speaking users volunteer to help for the translation!

  4. Mary Jaques says:

    I am looking for some type of Mac software that I can use to create my own cookbook for special Family recipes and can take the recipes stored in my sisters MasterCook and use the drag and drop formate into my own cook book. Does this format support this. I would also like to know if there is a software conversion to weight watchers points as well nutritution info for each entered recipe?

  5. Melba Hill says:

    I have downloaded the free trial but I am not able to get it to
    work. I get a screen for my name and purchase keys.

  6. Mathilde says:


    Shop’NCook supports recipes in MasterCook format: you can drag & drop MasterCook recipes to import them. The nutritional analysis is automatically estimated and displayed at the end of the recipes.

    The nutritional analysis can be displayed in a number of formats. You can also add display formats by importing nutrition scripts or – if you are a little computer-savvy – create your own. You can find additional nutrition scripts at the script library .

    Weight Watchers points: Weight Watchers point system is protected and I am not allowed to distribute a script to display the nutritional analysis in this format. There are however a number of resources on internet that give you the Weight Watchers point formula and you can implement your own Weight Watchers nutrition script for your personal, non-commercial use. The “Total carb and proteins” script may be a good starting point for that. See also the note at for more information.

  7. Mathilde says:


    To access the trial, you have to click on the “Not Yet” button when you are presented with the registration window. It gives you access to all the features of the software for 45 days. After that time, you will have to input a registration number to continue to use the software.

  8. Suzy says:

    I have a recipe file on Will I be able to import recipes from that site? Also, can I print my recipes on 3×5″ recipe cards?

  9. Mathilde says:


    Yes, you can import also recipes from : just select the whole recipe with the mouse (title, ingredients, text) and drag & drop it on the Recipe manager panel of Shop’NCook. You can also import a picture in the same way.

    If you want, you can download a trial version of Shop’NCook at and try it for yourself!

  10. tommy says:

    Thanks! Great tip

  11. Laura says:

    Can you import your own recipes in a regular word file?

  12. Mathilde says:


    You can import your recipes in a regular word file, but first you must save the file in “plain text” format with a .txt extension – for example myrecipes.txt . Also, if your file contains several recipes, separate them each with a line of 5 or more consecutive hyphens, just like that:
    That’s all the formatting you have to do!

  13. khadir jamali says:

    I hopefully found your software very productive and would like to know how to buy it

  14. khadir jamali says:

    Thanks a lot.

  15. Jason says:

    Can I import excell data

  16. Mathilde says:


    You can import cost data and ingredient list from Excel, but you will have to export the data first to plain text with TAB delimiting chatacters. If you send me a sample data by e-mail, I can tell you exactly what you need to do to import it.

  17. Rebecc says:

    I am kind of lazy (well just not enough time) I have lots of recipes from magazines, can I scan these then import them into ShopnCook my free trial ran out before I got to try this, I loved the easy import from the web.

  18. Mathilde says:


    Yes, you can import from a scan, but you will need a OCR (optical character recognition) software to transform first the scanned image into text before importing. You may already have an OCR software included in the CD that came with you scanner.

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