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New release: still easier recipe import and improved compatibility | Shop'NCook

New release: still easier recipe import and improved compatibility

I have just uploaded the new release 3.4.3 of Shop’NCook Home, Shop’NCook Menu and Shop’NCook Pro. You can download it now here.

Registered users of version 3.4 can update to version 3.4.3 for free and do not need a new registration number. To install or update, just run the installer on top of your current installation. Like usual, it is always a good idea to make a back-up of your data before installing a new version.

The Mac release is again compatible with Mac OS X 10.2 and 10.3. At the same time, all the small quirks on Leopard have been fixed. The Windows release is now signed, meaning that XP and Vista users will not see all the time these annoying “Security warning” message and can confirm they have the original copy of the software.

The new features include:

  • a much awaited Paste button in the wizard;
  • supports drag & drop of recipes – just drop the whole recipe text onto the recipe panel to import it;
  • supports drag & drop of pictures – just drop a picture onto a recipe to add it;
  • new Toggle button in the recipe editor to transform conveniently a line of instructions into an ingredient line and vice versa;
  • On Mac, supports now the pict image format that is used in particular by FireFox and Internet Explorer browsers.

In coming posts, I will show some of the new features in action.


  1. MIke says:

    The installer (at least for OS X) says it’s installing 3.4.2.

  2. Mathilde says:

    Sorry for that, I forgot to change the version number in the installer for Mac OS X. If you are worried of not having downloaded the latest installer, check the ReadMe.txt file that come with the installer: the correct version number is written at the beginning of the file.

  3. kathy says:

    I am difficulty importing recipes from my documents on my computer to this application. What should I be doing for this to work on my mac ? I have OS 10.4.11 running. Thank you

  4. Mathilde says:

    Kathy, to import a text recipe, just select the whole recipe (including the title) with the mouse and drop it on the main recipe panel. Also, make sure you have version 3.4.3 of Shop’NCook as older versions do not support drag & drop. If you need further assistance, write me using the form at http://www.shopncook.com/inquiries.html and describe more in details where you have troubles.

  5. Linda says:

    You are so clever! I love your software. It’s got everything I was looking for. The only feature I personally think would make your software stand out among the Mac crowd is a way to browse the recipes by pictures. Similar to iPhoto’s gallery view of pictures. Now that everyone owns a digital camera or camera phone, recipes are more likely to include great pictures. I like to browse by photos of food.
    I am sure you must be busy programming something spectacular for your next big release soon so in case you don’t have it in the works already here’s how it could work. …
    There could be an option at the bottom of the list to view in list format or image format. If you enlarge the panel the images get larger too. Then keep the display of the recipe to the right the same.
    Just an idea, but I am sure you’ve already got that one coming because you’re such a smart gal and seeing as you thought of everything already with your current 2007 release. I just hope it’ll come out soon cause I would really love that. :-) BTW feel free to let me know when you’ll be uploading the new version so I can mark my calendar and be ready.
    Thanks for your hard work.

  6. Linda,

    Wow, this is a great suggestion! I wasn’t thinking of it at all – but I will now…

    I am effectively very busy right now working on the next release. If you haven’t already, you can sign up for the coming beta testing here.