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New installers for Leopard | Shop'NCook

New installers for Leopard

My Leopard CD was finally in the mailbox yesterday. I had received numerous e-mails during the past week reporting that Shop’NCook installers did not work on Leopard… so I was quite impatient to test Shop’NCook myself on the new operating system of Apple.

Beside the installation problems, I have found the following issues on Leopard:

  1. Preview of print out: launching of the Preview application fails. Workaround: starting by hand the Preview application before previewing a print-out.
  2. Help, Get Recipe button, Buy Now button: launching of Safari fails. Workaround: starting by hand Safari before activating these functions.
  3. Cooking view: displays an invisible screen that blocks further input. Workaround: you can unblock the program by pressing the escape button to close the invisible screen. The recipes can however not be seen in full screen mode on Leopard.
  4. Some minor cosmetic problems.

As a temporary solution, I have made new installers for Leopard. They are now live on the site. If you need to install or reinstall Shop’NCook Home, Menu, Pro or Reader, you can download the new installers below:

Note that only the installers have been modified. It is not a new release of Shop’NCook, the installed content is the same. You do not need to reinstall the program if it is already installed.

I will release an update in one or two weeks to fix the other issues that I can fix. Problems 1 and 2 come apparently from a bug of Leopard – I may not be able to do something until Apple releases an update – but they are relatively minor and should not interfere with the usage of the programs.