What if you could manage all your recipes online?
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What if you could manage all your recipes online?

Imagine you can use the best of Shop’NCook software directly on your favorite browser, on any device… without installation, without time-consuming setup, and without worrying about synchronization…

I have been working toward Shop’NCook online service for years and finally I am almost there.

I plan to offer at the beginning a subset of the most important functions of Shop’NCook Pro software, but to make sure I have really included what you need at the minimum, I need your feedback.

Please click the button below to access my short survey and let me know what you need:

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  1. Serge St-Amour says:

    You don’t seem to have metric measurements!

    • Mathilde says:

      Yes, Shop’NCook Online and Shop’NCook software both support metric measurements, as well as US ones. In the software, you can select in the preferences which units you prefer.