Shop'NCook Home

The Smart Solution For Your Cooking And Grocery Shopping

This product is discontinued. Please download Shop'NCook Menu instead. Shop'NCook Menu has all the features of Shop'NCook Home, but include also a meal planner and cloud synchronization that allows to access its recipes and shopping list on mobile devices.

Shop'NCook Home combines a recipe organizer and a grocery list manager working seamlessly together to facilitate your grocery shopping and cooking.
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Organize Your Recipes

You organize your recipes in cookbooks that you can share with anybody with the free software Shop'NCook Cookbook Reader. Creating a recipe is as easy as copy and paste. The software interprets the recipes and yields the nutritional analysis automatically.

Plan Your Groceries

You create aisle-ordered grocery lists in seconds by clicking on items or adding from recipes and sublists. You can fully customize the database of more than 2000 grocery items. Many options allow you to tailor the grocery list to fit your shopping habits.

What Makes Shop'NCook Unique?

Where other programs require a strict formatting of the recipes and hand-linking of the ingredients to a grocery or nutrition database, Shop'NCook does all this work for you. It allows you to input recipes, scale them, generate aisle-ordered grocery lists and get nutritional information effortlessly. Try it... and you will be amazed!
10 minutes tutorial to the recipe software Shop'NCook: how to organize your recipes, analyse their cost and nutritional content, plan your meal and make a grocery list.
10 minutes tutorial
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