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Testimonials for Shop'NCook Home, Menu and Pro

«I just wanted to write to say that I love your product. I bought it probably two years ago, and it saves me so much time. I am a personal chef, and I was spending HOURS writing up grocery lists for my client's orders. Now it takes me just minutes. I love that!»
Jennifer Pohl, NoMoreCooking, Oshawa, Canada

«Your video and the program is wonderful. In 10 minutes I had downloaded, edited, scaled, and had taken the recipe on and off the calendar. I tried others for 3 days before I decided they were too much trouble. Yours will complete a 10 day trial and I have a feeling it's a keeper. Better by far than any shareware and even the Mac programs I have tried.»
Pastor Adrian Piazza

«How well thought out this software is. Not being fluent in computerese has hampered my previous efforts in learning to use other applications. I was stunned at how fast I managed to import recipes, create a shopping list, and print it. Cooking will be fun again.»
Rebecca Horstkoetter, Anchorage, AK, USA

«I want to let you know how much I love your Shop'NCook Menu program. I have been using it for over 8 months now. This program allows me to organize my cooking week with minimal time and effort. It also saves me money since I am cooking at home and eating out less. Thank you for a great product!»
Patricia, California, USA

«I have just begun using my newly registered copy of your software in earnest. I think it is wonderful. As a software developer, I have a lot of respect for the import parsing. The user interface is easy to use and intuitive. I'll recommend it to everyone I know.»
Tom O'Brien, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

«I was without Shop'NCook Menu for 3 days and boy did I miss it! I teach cooking classes and do all of my menus from the software and generate my shopping lists as well as plan all my family meals. I have tried numerous software applications and this is by far the best!»
Julie Gilbert

«I did my first weekly shop this week using your software and it worked really well! It is so nice knowing that we have got food for the whole week and not having to worry about it. I'm going to tell my friends about it.»
Alix Cunnell

«Love the program!! It certainly has shown me that I am underpricing many of the things I offer!»
Betsy Skrobot, Zanesville, OH, USA

«Just wanted to say I am really loving this program, I searched a long time for a program that would do things I wanted and your program does everything I wanted and more and is so user friendly! If only it would also cook the meals then it would be perfect :)»
T. Mattson

«I use the software every day. It is the best one I have ever found and I have a huge collection of recipes that I have put in the data bank. My family loves it, cause I can print out family favorites with photos for them.
Jim Pruitt

«I really enjoy using the software. It helps a lot to keep me organized and now that my cholesterol is high it gives me a idea of how well I am at reducing it.»
B.J. MacDonald

«I am telling everyone I know about your product. It's been an amazing tool for me to help me get organized, and I keep discovering how powerful it is.»
Diane Zablotsky

«I have to tell you, Shop'NCook is awesome. I will tell you that I purchased another program a while ago and I still haven't figured it out, but this one is pretty easy.»
Carol Woodward

«The more I play with Shop'NCook Menu the more I like it. The automated recipe parsing is pretty incredible.»
Mark Herb

«I LOVE SHOP 'N COOK MENU 3.4! It's better than either Connoisseur or MacGourmet.»
Ken Gruberman, Pasadena, California, USA

«We LOVE your software -- Shop'N Cook makes sense because it mirrors the way kitchens actually run. Not only is it giving us exceptional organization and versatility, but it's also making cooking more relaxed, enjoyable and creative. It is one of the best Christmas gifts my husband and I ever gave ourselves! It's not software, it's a kitchen assistant who remembers everything!»
Linda Jackson, Anchorage, Alaska, USA

«I absolutely love your program - we have used the home version for a couple of shopping trips now. It makes it so much easier to communicate to my husband exactly which brand/flavor, etc. to buy! We are going to buy the Menu version, I think, because it sounds like it has a lot to offer. I'm recommending your program to all my family and friends!»
Jeanie Hertz

«I love the software. It is definitely the best of it's kind that I've found.»
Wende Carter

«I have been trying out the trial for our culinary school and am about to purchase - the program is fabulous and I think will help us tremendously combining the shopping list for the 7+ classes we have a week.»
Heather Kurima, Director, The Culinary School of Fort Worth

«I think your program is GREAT and will make it easier for me to stick with a healthier diet and to start losing some weight. I especially like the way it's smart enough to parse recipes that are "copy and pasted" into ShopN'Cook.»
Dave King, Sunnyvale, Calif.

«I have just purchased your Shop'NCook Menu software and I have to say that it is a very neat software. Very well thought out, powerful, feature filled, with simplicity and integration. Keep up the good work! I will be happy to recommend it to my family and friends.»
Dino Buccini

«Your software is phenomenal and I love it! Not only that, my husband does the grocery shopping (and I cook) and he says the shopping list is so organized, he can complete the work in a fraction of the time.»
Diana Goldschmidt

«Thank you for making this software available. It is by far the best I have worked with.»
Marlo Nikkila, OrganizeTogether

«I can't tell you how much time and effort your program is saving me. I love it and it sure makes my life a lot easier. I've tried a lot of other programs in the past, and none are as elegant, easy and comprehensive as yours. Thanks again.»
Katherine Nilbrink

«I have tested many cookbook/recipe applications and yours the best. I love the nutritional info and the ease of which you can import recipes from other applications and the ease of creating a shopping list. Other applications require you to create your own pantry and then drag & drop to create your list. Yours is just click and go. Keep up the high standard of excellence.»
Charles Reveal

«I LOVE LOVE LOVE the recipe parsing bit. That makes it so easy to import recipes (so slick!) and works so well.»
June Oshiro

«Thank you for a great program. It has helped me stay organized with my meal planning and shopping.»
Colleen Easley

«I have been playing with the program. I was very satisfied with the grocery list portion, and was planning to buy a registration. However, when I copied and pasted a recipe typed in Appleworks, your program "Parsed" the typed text into the Shop'NCook perfectly. Our mouths dropped open when it did that, and I was completely sold on this product. Thanks for all your hard work. Will promote it locally with all my friends.»
Bruce Desjardins

«I just recently purchased ShopNCook Pro 3.4 and I love it. Especially the way it ads recipes from text. I also like the send feature.»
John Harris

«We love the Shop'N Cook software. We purchased it about a year or so ago. It has streamlined our recipe-keeping methods into a much, much simpler system. The food item list it prints out for selected dishes is extremely helpful to have at the grocery store.»
Van & Carolyn Walker, Crawford, TX, USA

«Shop'NCook Pro is affordable to the Industrie, from the young Executive to the more experienced one. The software provides a no fuzz, easy to understand and use functionality. In short, I like it.»
Matthias Vogel, Queensland, Australia

«This is an amazing program! I've been looking for something exactly like Shop 'N Cook Pro for a catering company for a few months now to do costing of events and recipes, and I'm so glad I found this while testing out recipe programs. They've thought of so many things that a chef or home cook might need. There's no other recipe management program I've seen that has all of Shop 'n Cook Pro's features. I used it for preparing recipes and a supplies list for a chocolate cooking class I'm teaching, and it made my life a million times easier.»
Nat Bletter, New York, USA

«Great program by the way. Any suggestions for importing from The Recipe Manager. Your program blows that one away and all of the others I've tried too. Thanks.»
Tim Sewell, Glenview, IL, USA

«I love your program and have all 250+ of my recipes on it.»
Gwen Callahan

«I am so happy with your program. It is simple and easy to use.»
J. Chiavetta

«I love the program as I am a chef on a 240ft power yacht and it has made life so much easier!»
Barry Orr

«I've started using my new Shop'NCook today to plan my meals, and it's fabulous! This version is a dream! I used to do Leanne Ely's Menu Mailer, and I always wished that her shopping lists would show which recipe each ingredient was for so I could easily delete a recipe or just know what I was doing in the aisles -- and Shop'NCook does that! Thank you so much for this program, you've helped me out a lot.»
Jenney Chendea, Virginia Beach, VA, USA

«Shop'NCook is my primary cookbook program. It is easy to use and easy to edit for my needs. I have used several different cookbook/shopping programs and have found this program allows me to customize it to my needs. The nutrition check is one of my favorite options. I can add recipes faster with this program than others I have use. It has replaced my recipe files!»
Mary Peabody, Broomfield, Colorado

«I love the way the shopping lists are organized. It has my trips to the supermarket so much easier and I spend very little time wandering up and down aisles now. I would be satisfied if this were the only feature of the program. The recipes and nutritional values are a helpful and pleasant bonus.»
Judy Bogdanov, Sun City West, Arizona

«I have found more great recipes with Shop'NCook than anywhere else!»
Chris Shadwick, Chatham, IL

«Excellent way to organize shopping lists. Saves time in locating items at the supermarket. 5 stars»
Donald Duvernoy, Syosset, NY

«As a bigtestimonial, I'd like to thank you for developing this program. As I have been adjusting my eating habits, Shop'NCook makes building & revising recipes, meal plans and shopping lists very easy. Since it's a cross platform application, I will be able to share my hard work with friends and acquaintances following this same plan.»
George Harnish

«Before I tried Shop N'Cook, a number of other programs were tried. None did what I wanted. At one point I almost gave up, then as a last resort Shop N'Cook was tried. I loved it, it did everything, and I could customize it to the food groups that I use. For the money, Shop N'Cook offers an excellent program.»
Christopher Scalfani, West Islip, NY

«Congratulations for what you've accomplished, and thank you for giving me a tool that is going to make my meal and shopping management much easier.»
Kathleen Larson, Montreal, Quebec

«This is the first recipe/shopping type program I have used that actually has most of the items I shop for in the database, and the ones not in are easily added. I will actually use this...»
Tom Hohmann, Riversize, CA

«As a busy person, I really like Shop'NCook to quickly remind me of what I need to buy for the dinner I plan for. It is also very flexible and easy to add notes when I delegate the shopping to loved ones.»
Marsha Pourmand, Montreal, Quebec

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