Shop'NCook 4 - or how I went from total chaos in my own kitchen to helping thousands worldwide plan and cook tasty meals and make ends meet.

Hi, I am Mathilde Rufenacht, the author of Shop'NCook software.

Let me tell you how Shop'NCook started.

I used to have absolutely no clue about cooking.

After the birth of my first daughter, as eating out was not an option anymore, I was completely overwhelmed by the grocery shopping and cooking.

I started writing Shop'NCook as simple checklist software to help me put together a shopping list and send it to my husband, who would then buy the supplies on his way back from work. Eventually I added simple recipe support.

The interface was clunky and it was time-consuming to add a recipe. I dreamt of a system that could make shopping lists from recipes without any user input, but realized that the software needed more knowledge to become powerful - in particular a comprehensive database of ingredients.

It took me many months to put together this database. At that time, I was expecting my second daughter and was sick with nausea during the whole pregnancy. Just the thought of food would make it worse. It is in this state that I sifted through more than 20,000 ingredients, every minute of it feeling sick!

By the time my second daughter was finally born, I had a program that could recognize ingredients in recipes automatically and analyze their nutritional content. I kept improving it over the next few years following user feedbacks, adding little by little:

  • a meal planner
  • recipe and menu costing
  • synchronization between several computers

The gift that backfired

About one year ago, as I was getting ready to publish a new version of Shop'NCook with the synchronization functions, something happened that caused me to rewrite a large part of my software and wait one more year before releasing it.

Here is what happened: I proudly gave a copy of my new French version of Shop'NCook to a cousin of my mom who has diabetes, a smart 80 year old at ease with computers, to help her plan her meals - but she found it too hard to make sense of it by herself.

It made me look at Shop'NCook with new eyes and realized she was right... So I rewrote its entire interface to make its features easily accessible and self-explanatory. I asked then my 80 year old mom to test it - and improved it some more until I was satisfied that somebody with minimum computer experience could use it.

I am getting now incredible feedbacks and support messages by users almost everyday, how Shop'NCook makes their life easier by helping them in their grocery shopping, meal planning, balance their diets... or run their businesses.

Myself I don't know how I would have survived without Shop'NCook after the birth of my twins three years ago. It allowed me to cook in batch and always have something ready in the freezer that I could give my children even when I was so exhausted that I didn't know anymore what I was doing.

Cooking without stress

Using Shop'NCook is...

...saying goodbye to the stress of having to plan a variety of meals for your family. You'll have a clear plan from shopping list to their first bite. more wandering through supermarkets unsure of how much to buy and worried to forget things. When you come back to your kitchen, you'll have just the right amount of ingredients on hand. more wasted food being thrown away.

...saying good-bye to unhealthy fast food and snacks.

...enjoying cooking with confidence. Your meals will become a bonding time around a tasty homemade meal your whole family will enjoy.

Here are some of the things that Shop'NCook will help you do:

  • Transform effortlessly your drawers full of recipe clips into a searchable cookbook with nutritional content at your fingertips.
  • Never be short again of recipe ideas. Shop'NCook gives you instantaneous access to thousand of recipes - and lets you import tens of thousand more if you want, - and find the recipe you need in seconds with its ultra-fast search. Delight your family with new tasty recipes everyday!
  • Plan your meals for a week or more in just a few minutes and create with a click of the mouse an aisle-ordered shopping list based on your meal plan that will take you through the store in half the time.
  • Avoid food waste and save money by getting exactly the supplies you need.
  • Enjoy cooking in a relaxed atmosphere by knowing in advance what to cook and be confident you have all the supplies.
  • Buy in bulk without guesswork and cut down your grocery bills by planning your meals for weeks or months in advance.
  • Adapt easily your meals to your diet with Shop'NCook nutritional tools and ingredient substitution feature.
  • Change effortlessly the number of servings of your recipes and menus.
  • Share your recipes with your friends or access them on the go on the iPhone or iPad by uploading them to Shop'NCook's Direct Access database.
  • Store recipes from your travels in French, Italian and German - Shop'NCook will even translate the ingredients for you.

Shop'NCook is also PC and Mac compatible.

New in this release

  • Advanced search: The new search functions lets you search for a recipe on all your cookbooks, per text, ingredient, title or category. Your recipes are indexed so that the software can search thousands of recipes almost instantaneously.
  • Shop'NCook learns as you use it: Shop'NCook remembers the ingredients you use so that it recognizes them in recipes afterwards. The more you use it, the faster it will become to add new recipes.
  • Nutrition: Shop'NCook gives you now the nutritional breakdown per ingredient of your recipes and your menus. It is easy to add the nutritional information for new ingredients with the import function from the USDA nutrient database. The supported nutrients include now trans fat, glutamic acid and choline.
  • Multilingual: Shop'NCook supports also recipes in German, French and Italian.
  • Synchronization: The synchronization feature (Menu and Pro editions) allows you now to share your recipes among several computers. It will hopefully give you soon access to your recipes on the go on Shop'NCook's iPhone/iPad application, as soon as I have the time to finish writing it. The synchronization is still in testing phase as I haven't found yet a stable server solution. It will be eventually offered on a subscription basis to cover the costs of the server.
  • Supermarkets: The new supermarket feature in the Menu and Pro editions allows you to make aisle-ordered shopping lists for several stores. You can also customize it so that it gives you the exact article name and count you have to purchase.
  • Costing: In the Pro edition, you can now easily import your supplier product and price information. Shop'NCook Pro can also automatically select the products for your shopping lists that will give you the lowest grocery bill.

Only during the launch period, I include also the following bonus cookbooks:

A homemade ChristmasA Homemade Christmas (a $9.95 value)
Pumpkin Pies & More - Savor the Flavor of the Holidays!Pumpkin Pies & More (a $9.95 value)
Deliciously Decadent CheesecakesDeliciously Decadent Cheesecakes (a $11.95 value)
The Appetizer CollectionThe Appetizer Collection (a $11.97 value)
Blue Ribbon RecipesBlue Ribbon Recipes (a $14.97 value)
600 Recipes for Chili Lovers600 Recipes for Chili Lovers (a $14.97 value)

Here is the deal: You can purchase the edition of Shop'NCook of your choice:

  • Shop'NCook Home from $34.95
  • Shop'NCook Menu from $49.95
  • Shop'NCook Pro from $99.95

Most professional users buy the Pro edition as this is the only one with costing function. Most home users choose the Menu edition. The Home edition does not include the meal planner nor the synchronization functions, but is good if you have limited meal planning needs. If you are not sure which edition you need, you can see a detailed comparison table here.

These are still the prices of 2007, before all the new additions to the software because I wanted to give everybody the opportunity to buy before I increase the prices. After the launch, I will increase greatly the price of the Pro edition. It is a difficult decision for me to do. I have tried to keep it affordable also for home users too, but it does more than software costing 5 times as much. If you have been considering to buy Shop'NCook Pro, I recommend you strongly to do it right now before I increase its price. I don't know yet what I will do for the Home and Menu editions after the launch.

What you get: When you purchase, you get:

  • a license key for installation on one computer
  • one year upgrade protection
  • one year of synchronization service (free at the time being)
  • the bonus cookbooks

You can also purchase a family license that allows you to install on up to 4 computers in your household (not allowed for business use). Optionally you can add a CD and user's manual to your purchase.

You don't take any risk. If you don't like the software, send me an e-mail within 30 days of purchase to get a full refund. In any case, you will be able to keep the bonus cookbooks - they are yours just to try the software (you will be able to continue using them with the free Reader software).

What you have to do: Click the link below to order. You will be able to select the edition you want, the number of licenses and if you want the CD and user's manual. If you want to install on several computers, make sure to get one license per computer, or a family pack add-on if it is for personal use.

If you purchase for a gift, make sure to specify the name of the gift recipient at the bottom of the purchase page as it is necessary for the creation of the license key. You can also write a gift message that will be joined to the CD if you select the CD option.

Within minutes of ordering, you will get an e-mail with your registration information, software download instructions and the bonus cookbooks installation instructions. If you have ordered the CD, you will receive it usually within a week or less.

Act now while you think about it. Click the link below to order:


Upgrade: If you have purchased Shop'NCook in the past, click instead here to upgrade. You can get also great deals during the launch period to upgrade to a higher version. Make sure you check all your options.

No more guessing

"What a great program! It saves me time to come up with recipes and I can plan a week or two ahead. No more guessing on what I need to buy at the grocery shop. I can cook ahead of time and our family picks from the weekly menu what to eat for that day. I print the weekly menu as "Mom's Restaurant - Menu". We eat out less, especially Fast Food, which saves us money and our food diet is better. My husband and I both work and when we come home it takes out the guesswork on "what are we eating tonight?". All I have to do is take out already cooked meals from the freezer. Note: I have a large freezer so that I can cook a week ahead and I have also have a large pantry." (Shop'NCook Menu 3.4)

Marlies, Helotes, TX, USA

One of the best purchase I have ever made!

"I love the Shop'NCook Menu software. It has streamlined my cookbooks, made it easier to keep recipes - especially from the Internet, and eliminated the clutter of cut out recipes in a drawer. I cook more often because it I am able to create a weekly menu plan and from there a shopping list so I always have the ingredients on hand. I can even email the list to my phone! I love Shop'NCook- one of the best purchases I have ever made!" (Shop'NCook Menu 3.4)

Katherine Wheeler, Little Rock, Arkansas, USA


"I LOVE this software. I really like to plan out my weekly meals and cook ahead to save time and money. Shop'NCook cuts LITERALLY HOURS of time where I don't have to analyze all these darn recipes. Now when I go to the store, I have a plan! I don't wonder aimlessly around the store, picking up things I don't need or wind up having to go to the store again in the middle of trying to cook something. I recommend it to everyone." (Shop'NCook Home 3.4)

Sharon Gelfer, Long Beach, California, USA

I couldn't cook without it

"Shop'NCook Menu is great - I couldn't cook without it. It creates my shopping lists effortlessly and keeps track of what I need in my pantry. When anyone wants a recipe I quickly go to my Mac and voila there it is for them - From Lana's Kitchen. I print it out on post card stock and it looks so professional. I always give them a couple of copies so they can give their friends a copy - that way I get the credit for the recipe. Scaling for a crowd or just 2 is so simple; and I am always sure the results will be great. Having the picture is the best, being able to use my picture is wonderful." (Shop'NCook Menu 3.4)

Lana Formato, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

I use it to teach my daughters

"I use Shop'NCook every day. I use it to download recipes from the internet, print shopping lists, plan menus and as a tool to teach my 10/12 year old daughters how to plan/purchase and cook. I have tried other software and, well, I have been using Shop 'NCook daily since I got it over two years ago." (Shop'NCook Menu 3.4)

Jim Pruitt, Spokane, Washington, USA

Understand how to balance your nutritional needs

"It is a fabulous way to access and store recipes complete with nutritional information. I have shared word of it with folks who have various health conditions, and showed them how this software can help them better understand how to balance their nutritional needs. They can use the software to modify favorite recipes to see if they can improve them for healthier results. Just understanding what you eat and help you look at foods in a different way. Thank you for making an intelligent easy to use software for this purpose." (Shop'NCook Pro 3.4)

Hanna Kliegman, Tonasket, WA, USA

The best recipe organizer I have ever used

"Shop'NCook is the best recipe organizer I have ever used - and I've tried A LOT! I love that you can customize every single aspect and that it gives you the nutritional value of your meals. I had gastric bypass surgery a few weeks ago, so I really need to watch what I eat and my nutritional intake. This program allows me to do that effortlessly. In addition, I really like the format you can print out the recipes to share with people. Whenever I am asked for a recipe, I can either email it, or print it out on a nice clean sheet of paper - no hassle at all!" (Shop'NCook Menu 3.4)

Susan, Claremont, CA, USA

Greatly reduce the time to scale menus

"Using Shop'NCook Pro has greatly reduced the time it takes to scale menus for a changing number of people at our retreat centre. It is so user friendly and easy to use, that even those of us who are not very computer savvy have been able to learn to use the software in a short period of time. We look forward to each new tip and update, and appreciate receiving answers to our questions directly from the software designer." (Shop'NCook Pro 3.4)

SB, Westbridge, BC, Canada

Far and away the best

"I love, love, love, Shop'NCook, it's flexible and powerful, and makes menu planning, and shopping a snap. I love the fact I can search by ingredient, which helps me use of my stock/stash...or sometimes the odd item I get from my can scale recipes...and it makes my life so much easier.....I've tried many, many other highly touted programs, but this one is far and away the best, and it makes importing new recipes a snap." (Shop'NCook Menu 3.4)

Jill Heller, La Mesa, CA, USA

The more I use it, the more I like it

"I love the Shop'NCook menu program. At last I have all of my favorite recipes organized and available at the touch of a key. My husband has high triglycerides and shouldn't eat simple carbohydrates. Your program allows me to enter my recipe, see the nutritional value and make adjustments if necessary. The more I use the program, the more I like it." (Shop'NCook Menu 3.4)

Susan Markward, Holland, OH, USA

The menu has saved me at the holidays

"I love Shop'NCook. I received it as a Mother's day gift and it has been a life saver! My daughter and daughter in law are able to retrieve my recipes no matter where they are off of the internet. The menu has saved me at the holidays, it used to take me at least 3 trips to the store but now I can get it done in one with your help! Thanks so much, you have made my life so much easier!" (Shop'NCook Menu 3.4)

Karen Randle, Mount Pleasant, Texas, USA

The best Christmas present ever

"I got Shop'NCook for Christmas last year and by far it has been the best Christmas present ever. It allows me to get organized when it comes to cooking for large events such as holidays. My favorite thing is how easy it is to create grocery lists from the recipes, makes going to the store so much easier!" (Shop'NCook Home 3.4)

Allison Martin, Derby, UK

Worth every penny!

"I've been using the Shop 'n Cook Menu for several months. It's easy to set up and use, and simple to add recipes to. I think it's brilliant, the only one I've ever found that does all it says it's going to do, and more. I can organize a week's meals with a few clicks, and then print a shopping list for all the ingredients. I now have all my own recipes stored on it, and can scale quantities up or down on those if I need to. The whole thing is user friendly and worth every penny!" (Shop'NCook Menu 3.4)

Val, Taunton, Somerset, United Kingdom

It saves me money

"The Shop'NCook program has saved me money and trips to our local and pricey grocery store. I am able to make my shopping list for the week and buy all the groceries I need at a less expensive store without forgetting ingredients." (Shop'NCook Menu 3.4)

Lisa, Liberty Lake, WA, USA