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Thank you for downloading Shop'NCook Menu for Mac OS X. The download will start automatically in a few seconds. If it doesn't, click here.

How to install Shop'NCook software

Watch the video below to learn how to install the software:

Installation instructions

To install Shop'NCook Menu, double-click on the file "" to expand it into "Shop'NCook Menu.dmg". Note that if you already have the file "Shop'NCook Menu.dmg", then it was expanded automatically and you can skip this step.

Double-click on "Shop'NCook Menu.dmg" file to open the disk image, then drag and drop "Shop'NCook" in your Applications folder.

Optionally, drag and drop "Shop'NCook" from your Applications folder onto the Dock in order to start the software easily.

Uninstallation instructions

If you decide not to keep the software, you can uninstall it in seconds by throwing "Shop'NCook" from your Applications folder to the trash. If you have created an alias in the Dock, you can remove it by dragging it and dropping it outside the dock

If you have run the software, you can also throw to the trash the data folder "Shop'NCook Menu" that it has created in your Documents folder or in the location of your choice.

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