Shop'NCook User's Manual

Ingredients, grocery items and articles

ingredients, grocery items, articles

In the following chapters, you will learn about the database of grocery items, supermarkets and shopping lists. To understand better their roles, you have to understand the difference between ingredients, grocery items and articles.

Ingredients are listed in recipes. They need to be linked to a specific grocery item from the main database. Different ingredients must be linked to different grocery items.

The main database contains grocery items. You can think of grocery items as the generic name for an article - like canned tomato - without the brand and size information.

Supermarkets are made of articles. Articles are the actual product you buy for the given grocery item - like Del Monte tomatoes whole peeled #10. Articles can include brand, size, price and aisle information. There can be several articles per supermarket corresponding to the same grocery item.

Shopping lists are made of grocery items and articles.

Supermarkets are only available in the Menu and Pro editions.

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