Vista & Leopard: new installers for Shop’NCook

Shop’NCook is now officially supported on Vista – sorry for the long wait to all the Vista users. The shopping list printing problems on Vista have been also fixed.

New installers are also available for Leopard with the cooking view fixed.

You can download the new installers here:

This update is recommended to all Vista or Leopard users. If you are not using Vista or Leopard, you don’t need to update.

Upgrade note for Vista: if you have been using Shop’NCook on Vista with a non-compatible version, it is possible that some of your files have been virtualized. Virtualization is the way of Vista to cope with non-Vista-aware applications. When a file is virtualized, it is placed in a folder that mimic the program installation folder, instead of being placed in the installation folder itself. To see if you have been virtualized, open the folder Program Files\Shop’NCook 3.4 (or Shop’NCook Menu 3.4 or Shop’NCook Pro 3.4). If there is a button named “Compatibility Files” on the toolbar of the folder, some files have been virtualized. If this is the case, you need to open the “Compatibility Files” folder, that is folder VirtualStore\Program Files\Shop’NCook 3.4 (or Shop’NCook Menu 3.4 or …) and copy back the virtualized files to their corresponding place in the real folder Program Files\Shop’NCook 3.4 (or …). After this operation, you can run the new installer. Note also that you will need an administrator account to run Shop’NCook on Vista.

Upgrade note for Leopard: if you had to do an Archive & Install installation of Leopard, the content of your Applications folder – including Shop’NCook 3.4 (or Shop’NCook Menu 3.4 or Shop’NCook Pro 3.4) has been archived. You need to move this folder from its archival place back into the current Applications folder before running the new installer. Like always, it is also a good idea to make a back-up of the installation folder before upgrading.


  1. Don Duvernoy says:

    What’s happening with the shopping lists using 2 different food markets?

  2. Mathilde says:

    The possibility to make shopping lists for several markets is an important feature. It is in my to-do list for the next main release.