Transferring your Cookbooks to Shop'NCook Online
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Transferring your Cookbooks to Shop’NCook Online

If you are using some other Shop’NCook product, the first thing you will have to do to start using Shop’NCook Online is transferring your cookbooks to the online service.

Shop’NCook Pro and Shop’NCook Menu users can use the built-in synchronization, that makes sure that the recipes and shopping list are always in sync between the software and the cloud. The following video shows you how you can synchronize your cookbooks to access them online:

If you are using iShopNCook app, Shop’NCook Home or Shop’NCook Reader software, you have to transfer your cookbooks manually, first by exporting them from the app or software, then by uploading them online. The following video shows you how to proceed:

Now you know everything you need to transfer all your recipes to the cloud and start accessing them from anywhere. Click the button below to go to Shop’NCook Online and start adding your cookbooks:

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