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The best gift ever: heirloom recipes (and it’s free) | Shop'NCook

The best gift ever: heirloom recipes (and it’s free)

I sent a survey a few weeks ago to ask what people wanted the most of the new release of Shop’NCook. There was only one among the most wished for things that I hadn’t added or improved in the new release: provide several styles for the recipes (graphic design has never really been my thing).

One of the comment in the survey really stuck by me…

The one thing I miss about using recipe cards is the personal look and handwriting on them. Also, I have printed my recipes and it just looks like I went to the internet and printed off any ole recipe when in actuality it was a heirloom family recipe or one I created.

So I hired a designer to make a new set of styles for the recipes – and here is the first style:

The Heirloom recipe style!

Heirloom recipes style

You can already enable it in Shop’NCook for your e-mails or for exporting your cookbooks to HTML by selecting it in the “Predefined style sheet” pull-down menu in the General tab of the Preferences (you don’t need to re-install if you are using Shop’NCook 4.0).

So, how about giving to your family a cookbook of your heirloom recipes this Christmas? I may very well be one of the best gift they receive – and it is free to make. Here is how to do it:

  1. Create a cookbook with your heirloom recipes in Shop’NCook software.
  2. Enable the heirloom recipe style in the Preferences.
  3. Select all the recipes of your cookbook using CONTROL-A on Windows or COMMAND-A on Mac.
  4. Select export to HTML in the File menu.
  5. Open the exported file in your browser and print it. You can also print it to PDF if you just want to send it by e-mail.

Now, I have something to ask you. What is the next style I should ask my designer to make?

(Note: the launch has been extended by one day, as I need the time to clear the backlog of e-mails I received since the beginning of the launch. Today – Saturday, December 18 – is the last day to take advantage of the launch bonuses. Click here for the details.)


  1. Brenda says:

    This is very cool (I just purchased your program and have been importing recipes today! So fun!). I would love to see this done with cute fonts that are more legible than cursive/script fonts. I love farmhouse style stuff–red checkered table cloths, roosters, light blue–that kind of theme would fit beautifully in my kitchen. :) :)

  2. Mathilde says:


    Yes, I see what you mean. This is a great idea. I like this style too! :)

  3. John says:

    How about some holiday themed formats?

  4. Susan says:

    I love your program and am waiting for 4.0 to arrive. It is sooo easy to import recipes and share them! The Heirloom Style looks beautiful and will really look great when sharing recipes. Can we print out the recipe in the heirloom style as well?


  5. June says:

    I have trouble wrapping my head around printing on card stock. I like the heirloom look for sure! I would like to print on card stock 3×5″ so that it fits into my current cards when I make a new recipe. That would require me figuring out how to do the back side as well for longer recipes instead of two one sided cards. It may be impossible but that’s my wish! Thanks for your hard work.

  6. Susan Pearson says:

    I grew up using the old betty crocker style recipe cards – I believe they had like an old fashioned stove on them. Something in that line would be cute. I also like the holiday theme someone else suggested.

    My daughter is getting married next year, and their heirloom cards will be great – but I was thinking something in elegant black & white might even suit a wedding present recipe book better.

  7. kerrie salisbury says:

    You need to make a ‘Modern’ style and how about a ‘kids’ style for kids recipes, My 11 yr old has been making a recipe collection in a scrap book for some time.

    I am currently collecting together all my favourite Xmas recipes in a cook book – a festive/xmas theme would be great

    Ideally it would be great to be able to modify themes, to suit personal taste or a particular occasion.

  8. Mathilde says:


    For now you can print by exporting to HTML, open it in your browser and print from there (I recommend you to select printing without background).

    I am exploring options to allow printing directly from within Shop’NCook too, but it is not yet possible.

  9. Mathilde says:


    I tested on 3×5″ paper, but the text is cut. It may be possible to print by shrinking the text though, but I don’t have this option in my browser.

    I will make a note to get some styles formatted for recipe cards too.

  10. Mathilde says:

    Thank you for all your great suggestions!

    It may be too late to get a Xmas style before Christmas, but I will see what it possible.

    It is also possible to make your own style. You need to get a CSS editor to create a style sheet for your recipes. You can then specify your style sheet in the Preferences.

  11. Mathilde says:

    Probably too late but… the Christmas style is ready! You can now select it in the Preferences. See