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Survey results and testimonials | Shop'NCook

Survey results and testimonials

In the survey last week, I asked a simple question: “What do you want the next release of Shop’NCook to be able to do?”

I have received hundreds of responses. There was also the possibility at the end of the survey to leave a testimonial. I got such a huge number of testimonials that I have decided to publish them all here. Thank you all for telling me what Shop’NCook means to you.

Read below if you want to see how current users are using Shop’NCook and what they are thinking of it. There is also a few testimonials of beta testers for the new release. I wrote “beta” after the software name wherever I recognized the name of a beta tester.

After the testimonials, there is a summary of the results of the survey. Click here to go to it directly.

Here are the testimonials, unedited, in the order I received them:

I got Shop’N Cook for Christmas last year and by far it has been the best Christmas present ever. It allows me to get organized when it come to cooking for large events such as holidays. My favorite thing is how easy it is to create grocery lists from the recipies, makes going to the store so much easier!
Shop’NCook Home
Allison Martin, Derby, UK

I love the ease of creating recipes and the costing feature is priceless since I am using a Mac and options are limited. Keep up the good work!!
Shop’NCook Pro
Eddie Chien, Tumon, Guam, Guam USA

I use my Shop’N Cook on an almost daily basis. I am able to organize my recipes, analyze them for nutritional information and share them easily with my friends and family. I now have all of my holiday recipes and menus all in one place, with notes, so that I don’t have to search for them and try to remember what I did in the past. I can make notes on the recipe for amounts used, modifications I made and how people liked the recipe. I really appreciate being able to make shopping lists for large events and holidays. It is an invaluable tool. Thank you!
Shop’NCook Menu
Elizabeth Kiernan, Washington, DC, USA

No more recipes to loose on bits of paper, so easy to use, its great.
Shop’NCook Menu

Found this easy to use and very helpful in planning, cooking and shopping
Shop’NCook Reader
Jack Sisco, Casselberry, Florida, USA

Have been using this as preparation for a small cafe venture. Each week I parse and type in my favourite recipes. Support from the author has been wonderful. I am now ready with a database of recipes and menus. Opening in January I am so grateful for this software, so easy to use. Thank you and good luck!
Shop’NCook Pro
Julia, Nagoya, Japan

I love Shop’N Cook software. I am an enthusiastic hobby cook who likes to have everything organised and planned. The software helps me to do exactly that, plus it is easy to use! Well done, this is a great product.
Shop’NCook Pro
Robert, London, United Kingdom

I LOVE Shop’NCook Menu!! I’ve been using it for a few years and it does a great job of organizing my recipes, helping me plan menus for my family, and then puts everything together into a shopping list. Shop’NCook Menu makes planning easier, which in turn saves my family money.
Shop’NCook Menu
Angela Andrieux, San Diego, California, USA

Shop’NCook is the most functional software out there. Once you get the hang of it, it is fairly intuitive. It is a simple and direct software and is not cluttered with fancy screens that are hard to use unlike what is out there.
Shop’NCook Pro

ShopNCook is awesome! I follow the Zone Diet and with this software I can Zone almost any recipe!
Shop’NCook Menu
Kathleen Carlson, Danvers, MA, USA

I love the Shop’NCook menu program. At last I have all of my favorite recipes organized and available at the touch of a key. My husband has high triglycerides and shouldn’t eat simple carbohydrates. Your program allows me to enter my recipe, see the nutritional value and make adjustments if necessary. The more I use the program, the more I like it.
Shop’NCook Menu
Susan Markward, Holland, OH, USA

Shop’NCook Pro is a great tool for organizing your recipes. With it we have been able to eliminate 2 large loose leaf notebooks filled with handwritten recipes, magazine pages and printed web pages. Now we can quickly search and find our favorites or try something new. But the best part of Shop’NCook is the attention the company pays to its customers. It is this customer focus that seems to drive development of new features and improvements.
Shop’NCook Pro
Mary, Springfield, Virginia, USA

I’ve been using the Shop ‘n Cook Menu for several months. It’s easy to set up and use, and simple to add recipes to. I think it’s brilliant, the only one I’ve ever found that does all it says it’s going to do, and more. I can organise a week’s meals with a few clicks, and then print a shopping list for all the ingredients. I now have all my own recipes stored on it, and can scale quantities up or down on those if I need to. The whole thing is user friendly and worth every penny!
Shop’NCook Menu
Val, Taunton, Somerset, United Kingdom

I have been using Shop’N Cook for several years now, and would not be without it. I have it installed on our lap top and when we go on vacation, it comes with us. We love the way you can scale the recipes so easily, and it makes sharing recipes with friends very convenient as well.
Shop’NCook Pro
Margaret Foget, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

I have tried many recipe and cooking software programs during free trials. Nothing compares to Shop’NCook and I always return to it after a week or so knowing that it remains the best. I cannot wait for the new release.
Shop’NCook Pro
Tim, Chicago, IL, USA

don’t have one, I am not using it now.
Shop’NCook Pro
Claudine Haddock, Eastman, GA, United States

I love the ease of adding recipes buy cut & paste. Great Program !!
Shop’NCook Home
Jerry R Stegall, Sweeny, TX, USA

The Shop’NCook program has saved me money and trips to our local and pricey grocery store. I am able to make my shopping list for the week buy all the groceries I need at a less expensive store without forgetting ingredients.
Shop’NCook Menu
Lisa, Liberty Lake, WA, USA

As a retired man – now single – I find cooking as an joyable hobby as much as being able to find and organize recipes I can handle. My skills are limited coming so late into the kitchen. Shop’N Cook has proven to be a valuable tool for me. I don’t need a small library of recipe books costing a small fortune. It’s all right there for me – in my computer. And, I am able to continually add more recipes – as I find them.
Shop’NCook Home
Ron, Lawrence, NY, United States

I enjoy the program. It helps to attempt to organized. I do 95 percent of the cooking as my wife is terminal with cancer. So, I come home and try to cook a meaningful dinner as she doesn’t eat as she should. I like having a menu and a shopping list to go along with it.
Shop’NCook Menu
Michael, Spokane, WA, USA

I use Shop’NCook almost every day. Adding recipes is really easy and I love having a picture included with the recipe. Creating a menu for a week or just several days helps us save money too!
Shop’NCook Menu

Several years ago I checked out a number of recipe database programs. I finally chose to use Shop’n’Cook and have found it easy to use. Especially useful it that one can copy a recipe from any website or scan to the clipboard and import it into the catalog. I have made a special category for family favorites so that when my children as me for one of their favorites I can copy and paste it into an email and send it to them. It is a quick & easy way to save recipes.
Shop’NCook Home
Nonny Compty, Princeton, NJ, USA

don’t have it ………. but GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!

Shop ‘N Cook has been my favorite kitchen tool! I love being able to scale receipes without hassle, categorize my receipes, and get rid of the paper mess from the past. I actually am getting ready to install a small flat screen in my kitchen to use it as a cook book as I cook. Great product and would highly recommend!
Shop’NCook Home
Alyson, St. Louis, MO, USA

What a great program! It saves me time to come up with recipes and I can plan a week or two ahead. No more guessing on what I need to buy at the grocery shop. I can cook ahead of time and our family picks from the weekly menu what to eat for that day. I print the weekly menu as “Mom’s Restaurant – Menu”. We eat out less, especially Fast Food, which saves us money and our food diet is better. My husband and I both work and when we come home it takes out the guesswork on “what are we eating tonight?”. All I have to do is take out already cooked meals from the freezer. Note: I have a large freezer so that I can cook a week ahead and I have also have a large pantry.
Shop’NCook Menu
Marlies, Helotes, TX, USA

I love the Shop’N Cook Menu software. It has streamlined my cookbooks, made it easier to keep recipes- especially from the Internet, and eliminated the clutter of cut out recipes in a drawer. I cook more often because it I am able to create a weekly menu plan and from there a shopping list so I always have the ingredients on hand. I can even email the list to my phone! I love Shop’N Cook- one of the best purchases I have ever made!
Shop’NCook Menu
Katherine Wheeler, Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

Mathilde, I have been using Shop n Cook for over 5yrs in my catering. It keeps getting better. It is by far the best food costing program out on the market. What makes this amazing is it is MAC and PC friendly, as well as integrates suppliers, recipes, menus, and even printing off your own nutritinal labels….just brilliant. The new supermarkets feature..it sets it apart from any other program out there Thank you MathildeShop’NCook Pro 4.0 betaGavin Grabe, Los Angeles, CA, USA

I have been using this software since it first came out and I find it invaluable for making my shopping experience so much easier
Shop’NCook Home
Donald Duvernoy, Syosset, NY, USA

I have Shop ‘N Cook Pro for over a year. It is amazing how simple it is to use with it’s copy and paste feature. While the software does all the work, the finish results makes the user seem like a pro!
Shop’NCook Pro
D Braddy, Atlanta, GA, United States

I use Shop’NCook Menu to plan my weekly meals and shopping trips. It’s a time saver and importing recipes is a breeze. Thank you for the great software!
Shop’NCook Menu
K Quinn, Washington, USA

We couldn’t run our food ministry without Shop ‘N Cook. It lets us keep our food costs under control and serve the very best to our guests. As a former software “geek,” I continue to be seriously impressed by the quality of the software. Not a resource hog; gets the job done; intuitive and easy to navigate.Shop’NCook Pro 4.0 betaFredericksburg First Friday Food Ministry, Fredericksburg, Texas, USA

I enjoy using Shop’n Cook Menu for many reasons. The most important personally being the ease of importing from the web and the ability to email shopping lists with clickable boxes.
Shop’NCook Menu
Ann Joiner, San Antonio, Texas, USA

i just looked at the beta ver. and its all i would love to have i still am on the older version but would love to try the new one.
Shop’NCook Home

I am a trained chef, that spends his time cooking, catering, and writing cookbooks… Shop’NCook is an excellent application, that allows me to plan complex events, and then control the process in a easy-to-manage way. From simple home chefs to professionals, this is an application that should be on your computer.
Shop’NCook Menu
Andy Anderson, Wichita, KS, United States

Great way to organize all your recipes
Shop’NCook Home
S Hayner, Arden, NC, USA

I tried it and really liked it. It is a wonderful thing to not waste time replanning that which was already planned. After a year, your menu selections for certain months should be set and then you can just tweaked them.Sherry, New Jersey

Shop n’ Cook menu has made my life a lost easier. Getting the weekly meals and groceries done is no longer the huge chore it used to be. I love that I can keep all of my favorite recipes in one place and organize them exactly how I would like. So easy!
Shop’NCook Menu
Kimberly, Sydney, NSW, Australia

I wanted you to know that I love your software Shop’N Cook. I have hundreds of clipped recipes that I want to keep in electronic format and Shop’N Cook makes it easy to record these and recipes that I find on the internet. The ease of use and the drag and drop utility make keeping my records so much faster and easier. Thanks. I am so looking forward to the next version.
Shop’NCook Pro
Judi Ashby, Grey Highlands, Ontario, Canada

I love this software! I create categories for key ingredients so I can search for recipes that use that key ingredient! Way cool! Tried buying a mini to take to the store to search for recipes while I’m in the store but it was too cumbersome making sure it didn’t get stolen. I’m hoping to be able to access my private recipes soon.
Shop’NCook Pro
Susan, Tempe, AZ, USA

i am a chef. Need some great recipies of regional cuisineGaurav, mumbai, maharastra, india

Excellent software. Easy to use, wide range of recipes, every thing we’ve tried has been great ! Look forward to more to come.
Shop’NCook Home
Janet Stone, Van Buren, AR, USA

I like your program as i cater for a lot of covers and the conversion is a great idea and save a lot of time. I find the program very easy to use and full of contentAndrew MacDonald, Banbury, Oxon, UK

I LOVE this software. I really like to plan out my weekly meals and cook ahead to save time and money. Shop’N Cook cuts LITERALLY HOURS of time where I don’t have to analyze all these darn recipes. Now when I go to the store, I have a plan! I don’t wonder aimlessly around the store, picking up things I don’t need or wind up having to go to the store again in the middle of trying to cook something. I recommend it to everyone.
Shop’NCook Home
Sharon Gelfer, Long Beach, California, USA

Shop’Menu is great – I couldn’t cook without it. It creates my shopping lists effortlessly and keeps track of what I need in my pantry. When anyone wants a recipe I quickly go to my Mac and voila there it is for them – From Lana’s Kitchen. I print it out on post card stock and it looks so professional. I always give them a couple of copies so they can give their friends a copy – that way I get the credit for the recipe. Scaling for a crowd or just 2 is so simple; and I am always sure the results will be great. Having the picture is the best, being able to use my picture is wonderful.Lana Formato, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

I use this software almost everyday and love itsandy, highlands, texas, usa

I use Shop ‘n Cook every day. I use it to download recipes from the internet, print shopping lists, plan menus and as a tool to teach my 10/12 year old daughters how to plan/purchase and cook. I have tried other software and, well, I have been using Shop ‘n Cook daily since I got it over two years ago.
Shop’NCook Menu
Jim Pruitt, Spokane, Washington, USA

I started using ShopNCook last year when we entertained for Thanksgiving. I’m addicted now – it is a great product, and makes managing my cooking and shopping much easier.
Shop’NCook Menu
Barry Lowenthal, Severn, MD, USA

Once the database has been altered and the products are linked the spped ease and accuracy that shopncook solve my costing issues is unsurpassed!
Shop’NCook Pro
paul hughes, London, southfields, United kingdom

I love Shop’n Cook. I received it as a Mother’s day gift and it has been a life saver! My daughter and daughter in law are able to retreive my recipes no matter where they are off of the internet. The menu has saved me at the holidays, it used to take me at least 3 trips to the store but now I can get it done in one with your help! Thanks so much, you have made my life so much easier!
Shop’NCook Menu
Karen Randle, Mount Pleasant, Texas, USA

I love this program. I looked long and hard at the programs available at the time and chose this one. I love how I can copy and paste into the program, get nutritional info about the recipe and organize all of my recipes in one place. It is a great program!
Shop’NCook Menu
Earline Melchior, Lake Wylie, SC, USA

This is a fantastic program. Not only has it made the shopping experience much, much easier, it has also brought down our average spend significantly and I do not waste nearly as much food.
Shop’NCook Pro
Amanda, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Thanks for a great product Shop ans Cook Pro I use it all the time. We just started a catering business and it has helped us get all our recipes organized. Thank You
Shop’NCook Pro
Michael Latour, Johnston, Rhode Island, USA

It is fabulous way to access and store recipes complete with nutritional information. I have shared word of it with folks who have various health conditions, and showed them how this software can help them better understand how to balance their nutritional needs. They can use the software to modify favorite recipes to see if they can improve them for healthier results. Just understanding what you eat and help you look at foods in a different way. Thank you for making an intelligent easy to use software for this purpose.
Shop’NCook Pro
Hanna Kliegman, Tonasket, WA, USA

very easy to use and also has a wealth of information for the more casual cooks among us
Shop’NCook Pro
Ian, Deroche, BC, Canada

I love my Shop’N Cook home. I use it for creating my shopping list and baking list for Christmas (I do over 25 different cookies and candies in one weekend). It helps me keep organized, helps organize my shopping and keeps all the ones I still want to try in another menu so I can add one a year and make notes on what worked and what didn’t! Love it!
Shop’NCook Home
Amber, Portland, OR, USA

Truly a great piece of culinary software for the home chef. You could probably go a whole year and never cook the same thing twice!
Shop’NCook Menu
Christopher S., Toronto, ON, Canada

Shop’NCook Home
Bryna, Middletown, NJ, United States

I have been looking for a cookbook program ever since I purchased my Apple computer. I finally gave up and stopped searching and bought a cute recipe book at a local bookstore that held 4 x 6 cards and I painstakingly started copying my recipes by hand. But then, this summer, I happened upon Shop ‘N Cook. It is exactly what I was looking for and more. It is very easy to add my own recipes (from my handmade cookbook), send recipes to my daughter, and add recipes I find online. I love this program and I am almost done loading all of my recipes so that I can print out a new cookbook for myself and for my twins who will both be going off to college next year.
Shop’NCook Home
Lynne Cropper, Pleasant Valley, Iowa, USA

Shop’N Cook has made opening a new restaurant much easier by providing a central recipe management system that provides scaling and costing information per recipe, something missing in many recipe programs out there. Shop’N Cook gives me more time to be creative in the kitchen by allowing me to quickly manage my rapidly growing recipe collection.
Shop’NCook Pro
Jay Peek, Houston, Texas, United States

I love Shop’NCook! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful tool with us.
Shop’NCook Pro
Anita, Kansas City, Missouri, USA

This is one of the best designed kitchen management applications I’ve ever used. It doesn’t cost an arm and and leg and it’s easy to use. My wife has gotten much more creative when cooking now and we have definitely broadened our pallets.
Shop’NCook Menu
Richard Franklin, Leander, Texas, USA

I use the software in my business and the truths is that is much easier to work to create recipes, calculate costs and create menus. The best software I’ve found on the market. I used the demo and then I bought the license. It is also very simple to use to. Thanks.
Shop’NCook Pro
Jose Rodrigues – yourchef.be, Brussels, Belgium

So simple to use, I don’t feel I have to take a class just to be able to use it!!! Thank you for offering this product, it’s very useful!
Shop’NCook Pro
Alice, Los Angeles, CA, Los Angeles

I use the reader and it is a great recipes system
Shop’NCook Reader
D. Watson, Belleville, Michigan, USA

ShopNCook is amazing. It is straightforward and without resorting to fancy graphics to lure in the non-tech savvy burgeoning Chefs. I love that it has incredible options that are actually useful and though it may not look as such, it’s got more than enough capabilities for a new family cook through to a seasoned professional chef. Can’t say enough for it!
Shop’NCook Home
KBrown, Fremont, OH, USA

Shop;N Cook is the best recipe organizer I have ever used – and I’ve tried A LOT! I love that you can customize every single aspect and that it gives you the nutritional value of your meals. I had gastric bypass surgery a few weeks ago, so I really need to watch what I eat and my nutritional intake. This program allows me to do that effortlessly. In addition, I really like the format you can print out the recipes to share with people. Whenever I am asked for a recipe, I can either email it, or print it out on a nice clean sheet of paper – no hassle at all!
Shop’NCook Menu
Susan, Claremont, CA, USA

Using Shop’NCook Pro has greatly reduced the time it takes to scale menus for a changing number of people at our retreat centre. It is so user friendly and easy to use, that even those of us who are not very computer savvy have been able to learn to use the software in a short period of time. We look forward to each new tip and update, and appreciate receiving answers to our questions directly from the software designer.
Shop’NCook Pro
SB, Westbridge, BC, CAnada

I was looking for a easy program to start my business and this one was perfect! I use it a lot, when I have a differents recipes, when I have to make an estimate etc…One day my computer crashed and I was desperate that I won’t find everything back!!!
Shop’NCook Pro
Adeline Tharreau, Mexico, DF, Mexico

I love, love, love, Shop N’ Cook, it’s flexable and powerful, and makes menu planning, and shopping a snap. I love the fact I can search by ingredient, which helps me use of my stock/stash…or sometimes the odd item I get from my CSA….it can scale recipes…and it makes my life so much easier…..I’ve tried many, many other highly touted programs, but this one is far and away the best, and it makes importing new recipes a snap.
Shop’NCook Menu
Jill Heller, La Mesa, CA, USA

I like shop”N Cook for the easy copying and sorting into categories of all my recipes.
Shop’NCook Pro
Afke Raw Food Chef, Grindrod BC, Canada

I love the ease of downloading recipes from the internet. It’s almost magical the way it parses everything out. I create a weekly menu and have my shopping list created in no time. Now that I have a hefty supply of recipes in the program, it really allows me to create varied weekly menus for my family and create a shopping list with the push of a button.
Shop’NCook Menu
Alison, Charlottesville, VA, USA

I love your Shop’N’Cook Home software. I have several other recipes programs but I’m in the process of copying all those recipes into Shop’N’Cook as it is the only one that I want to use. The ease of use is great & I can’t wait to see the new version.
Shop’NCook Home
Maggie Acuff, Incline Village, NV, USA

It was a long time ago that I used the trial version only. But I did like it and now that I am studying to be a chef, I would love to see what’s new.Georgina, austin, tx, usa

Many thanks for a great product I’ve wanted and needed for a very long time. My stacks of loose recipes are slowly diminishing as they are transferred to your program.
Shop’NCook Menu
Nancy, Chippewa Falls, WI, USA

I want to let you know how teriffic Shop’N Cook is. It helps me to plan my meals around the key nutritional values I track in support of a healthy and active lifestyle. I appreciate the ability to create multiple shopping lists so I can plan my trips to the grocery store at the start of each week, as well as adding my own miscellaneous items to the list for visits to other stores. Thank you for a quality product that is also reliable.
Shop’NCook Menu
Mona, Pearland, Texas, USA

I only have had time for a brief look at the software, and it looks to be very useful for my catering business.
Shop’NCook Pro
Steve, Fenton, Michigan, America

I have love the feature that allows me to go to my favorite recipe sites on the net and easily copy and paste them into the program on my computer and parse them. So little time is involved in this process. I continue to be amazed on the occasions when I have received a personal response from the actual program developer in response to a specific problem that I have had.
Shop’NCook Menu
Marilyn Hopper, Walnut Creek, CA, United States

I LOVE Shop’n’Cook. It allows me to organize my recipes, find out all the nutrition information for each item, analyze the cost per item, and scale recipes according to the number of items I need to produce. It’s made my life so much easier! I couldn’t run my business without it!
Shop’NCook Pro
Ann Warren, Los Angeles, CA, UNITED STATES

Shop’N Cook makes tracking nutritional information of any recipe easy. Now I can save a recipe and incorporate it into a daily eating plan that is sensible and nutritious. The software makes changing or tweaking a recipe fast and easy. Thanks for making cooking easy and enjoyable.
Shop’NCook Menu
D. Chermer, Ohio, USA

Here is a summary of the answers to the question: “What do you want the next release of Shop’NCook to be able to do?”

graph - summary of the survey

The most wished for feature (16%) was synchronization, that is the possibility to access your recipes and shopping lists on the iPhone, iPad or other smart phones or to share recipes with other computers.

A close runner-up (13%) was a more intuitive and easier-to-navigate user interface.

Many asked for specific improvements on existing features, like:

  • better shopping lists and support for several stores (9%);
  • better import of recipes from the internet (9%);
  • more recipe formating and printing options (8%);
  • easier and better nutritional analysis (6%);
  • easier and better costing (6%);
  • better recipe search (5%);
  • better compatibility with the most recent operating systems (5%).

More about the new release is coming soon!


  1. Bill Dixon says:

    I’d really like to be able to change the menu icons to something which looks a lot smarter. (less casual)

    Thank you very much.



  2. Kelly Sheehy says:

    During my first reply to your survery, I suggested 5 areas that could use some improvement. After trying 6-9 different MAC cooking programs, Shop’NCook Menu is the best and finest coking program that I have evaluated and ended up purchasing. There are so many great things that it can do,it just blows away the competition. The ability to do menu planning, Use a recipe as an ingredient, is wonderful, and planning meal is a breeze. Full screen mode while cooking is an excellent feature. Keep up with the good work! Thanks again for the wonderful cooking program! It is simply the best!

  3. Kate says:

    This is great news Mathilde, when can we expect release? I’ve trialled and I’m waiting to purchase. I know you get the free upgrade within 12 months, so I’d purchase now but I want to get the disc with my purchase.

  4. Mathilde says:


    I am still adding a few features that were suggested in the survey, but I hope to have the software ready tomorrow or after tomorrow.

    But the CD won’t be ready for one week or two after that. I have completely remade the user’s manual and there will be a printed version sent with the CD.

    Note that once you have a license key, you can always order the CD alone afterward as backup.

  5. Patricia says:

    Shop ‘n Cook is a wonderful tool in today’s kitchen. I like the scaling feature when I have larger groups to our home — invaluable!

    I grind my own flour from wheat berries. I have a large pantry, as many of us do, from which I cook. I treat my pantry as my “personal store”, and prepare my meals from the pantry. I restock the pantry to maintain the levels of products I use for a particular period of timem (including paper products, toilet paper, toothpaste, shampoo, etc.).

    No, I am not LDS. I just do this because I think it’s simply living smart. A large pantry permits me to always be prepared for a downturn in income, loss of job, temporary shortage of an item, labor strikes that would interrupt the flow of item/s, or a crisis of natural or man-made cause. It’s also a little hedge against increased prices, and permits me the luxury of waiting to restock items when there is a good enough sale.

    Therefore, I would appreciate a cookbook featuring wheat and home-ground flour recipes.

    A “pantry” feature would also need to track items whose shelf life is about to expire, as well as noting items that need to be restocked in order to maintain my pantry at the level I have chosen.

    There are several other programs out there, a couple of which I use. However, to have these features incorporated into my Shop ‘n Cook program would be a very welcome feature, eliminating what is now another step.

  6. Valerie says:

    How many recipes does Shop’NCook Menu hold?

    I’m trialing it now and excited to see the new version when it is ready. I like that your help files and tutorials are thorough.

  7. Donna Smeall says:

    Um, this is more of a question than a testimony. I was wondering if the new software will be able to import recipes from web searches into the database? I collect my favorites and I have a huge file with the recipes in and no way to make a book that I would love to have with my favorites in a readable format.

    I did have Shop and Cook but when my old computer got replaced I didn’t find my Shop and Cook software in the apps folder. So now I am sitting around waiting on the new version.

  8. Mathilde says:


    You can import easily your huge file into the new release of Shop’NCook. All you have to do is separate each recipe with a line of 5 or more hyphens, like that:
    so that the software knows when a new recipe starts. Then copy the whole file to the clipboard and use the clip button of the toolbar to import all your recipes at once. Then go drink a cup of coffee, as it can take a while – the software has a lot to do to recognize correctly the ingredients. When you come back, you should have an indexed collections of recipes with nutritional and shopping information.

    The new release is now available for download on the new Shop’NCook’s Facebook page.

  9. theresa richter says:

    I am a newcomer taking you up on the 45 day free trial of Shop’N Cool Menu. A couple of things that I have not discovered that I think would be very useful and add to the efficiency of use. 1) a drop down menu of options when typing in ingredients. 2) spellchecker.

  10. Mathilde says:


    Thank you for the suggestions. I will definitively consider adding to the next release a spellchecker and suggestions while typing.