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Sending recipes by e-mail: one size fits all | Shop'NCook

Sending recipes by e-mail: one size fits all

I receive from time to time the following inquiry from Shop’NCook users:

“What are my e-mail settings?”

E-mail settings depend on your ISP (internet service provider). You need to find out your ISP’s SMTP server address, the server port number, if authentication and SSL are required… Sometimes, I can figure the settings out by doing a Google search, sometimes it is harder.

If you are not sure of your e-mail settings or have trouble getting the send function to work, you should first ask your ISP. Or…

… you can consider the alternative solution below:

Why don’t you open a GMail account?

A GMail account takes just a couple of minutes to set up and will insure you can send e-mails from anywhere. Plus, it will keep a copy of all the messages you send – including those sent with Shop’NCook. And I can tell you exactly the settings to use with Shop’NCook, because I have one too!

Step 1.

Open a GMail account, if you don’t have one already, by following the link below:

Step 2.

Input the following settings in the Email tab of Shop’NCook Preferences:
SMTP Server: smtp.gmail.com
From: your e-mail address…
To: some e-mail address to which you want to send by default…
Server port: 465
SSL: checked
Authentication: checked
User name: your_address@gmail.com
Password: your gmail account password

Step 3. (optional)

GMail changes by default the From e-mail address to your GMail address. To avoid this, you can set your default address in your GMail account to your main e-mail address.

Important note: if above settings don’t work, restart Shop’NCook and try again.


  1. Tracey says:

    I have opened a gmail account for sending the shopping lists as my hotmail one doesnt work..
    I have shopncook menu.
    I have put all the settings in as per the list, but when trying to email the shopping list it still comes up as an error. I have opened and reset and still get the same…

    getting slightly frustrated!!!

  2. ray Tappendorf says:

    Help me please. i want to be abale to email my shopping list to my suppliers

  3. Mathilde says:

    To send e-mails to your suppliers, first make sure that you have entered your suppliers email information.
    To do that, select each of your suppliers in turn (under Supermarkets) in the navigation column on the left, click on the information button in the toolbar and select the “Ordering information” tab in the Supermarket information window that opens.

    There, you can input the e-mail address of your supplier, a default e-mail subject (for example “Order for MyRestaurant, where you replace MyRestaurant by your actual restaurant name), and a default message (for example, Find join the order for MyRestaurant.).

    After settings up your supplier’s e-mail information, you send your order to a supplier in the following way:
    – create a shopping list
    – attribute the grocery items to the supplier of your choice
    – click on the button “Send order to supermarket” and select the supplier
    – double-check the order and click the Send button.

    If you have an error while sending the e-mail, your e-mail settings may be wrong. If you send me an error report after trying to send an e-mail, by selecting “Send Error Report” in the Help menu, I may be able to tell you what is wrong in your settings and how to fix it.