Shopping list

Organize your grocery shopping

Shop'NCook allows you to make an aisle-ordered shopping list with a few clicks by adding ingredients from recipes, menus, sublists or directly from the database of grocery items.

  • Supports multiple shops and suppliers
  • Ingredient substitutions
  • Pantry
  • Access from mobile devices
  • Grocery price optimization
  • Establishes a budget
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Get the ingredients you need at the best price

Shop'NCook Pro aggregates the quantities of all the ingredients you need from the selected recipes, menus or sublists, convert them into your preferred shopping units and generates a categorized shopping list. If you have input supplier information, it can also optimize the shopping list to get the best price among your suppliers.

Substitutions and pantry

Shop'NCook Pro maintains a list of substitutions that allows you to substitute easily some ingredients in all your recipes and shopping list if they are not available or not compatible with your diet. The pantry list makes sure that ingredients you keep on hand are not added to the shopping list.