New Release and Launch Bonus

Shop’NCook 4.0 is finally here (this time, for real).

I have announced it on Sunday on Shop’NCook newsletter. I wanted to write this blog post right after sending it, but things have started going crazy. I have received so many inquiries by e-mail, I couldn’t take the time to do it before now (and new inquiries are probably coming in as I write this).

I am giving away 6 great cookbooks (a $74 value) during the five-day launch, that is until Friday 17 December.

There are also special upgrade options during the launch.

Everybody who has purchased a previous version of Shop’NCook get a 50% upgrade discount on the new version – not only the users who purchased less than two years ago and there are also special prices to upgrade to another edition.

Also, the price of the Pro edition (maybe of the Home and Menu editions too, I haven’t yet decided) is going to be increased after the launch to get closer to the prices in the industry. So make sure you take advantage of the launch period if you are interested in Shop’NCook Pro.

You can get all the details on the new release and the launch offer here.