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Video tutorial: How to import and update the prices from your supplier

Watch the above video to learn how to import price information from your supplier, link the articles to grocery items in the main database and update easily the price information to keep it up-to-date.

You can find here step-by-step instructions and a pdf report to import your supplier’s prices.

I am committed to help you import your price data with as little manual work as possible. If your price data cannot be converted easily to a format understood by Shop’NCook Pro software, let me know and send me a sample of the data, so that I can improve the import function and make sure it accepts as many formats as possible.


  1. Maria says:

    The tutorial is really good help. I am moving out of the USA to Guatemala City. How can I import the new supermarket with the new itens and prices there?

    • Mathilde says:

      Once you have a file with the price data for your new supermarket, you can import it in exactly the same way as in the video. However, since the items will be in Spanish, Shop’NCook Pro won’t recognize them at all and you will have to link them manually one by one to the main database.

      Once this work is done however, it should work in the same way as a supermarket in English.