Grow and organize your collection of recipes with Shop’NCook Reader 4.0

I am happy to announce the new release of Shop’NCook Reader 4.0.

Shop’NCook Reader is the free edition of Shop’NCook software. I had first created it to allow users of the premium versions of Shop’NCook to share their cookbooks with their friends and family. It had however been mostly broken for a while: it wasn’t completely compatible with the recent operating systems, installing cookbooks was a complicated task and – let’s face it – beside giving access to a lot of cookbooks, it didn’t do much.

I wanted to create something completely different with Shop’NCook Reader 4.0, something that gives a taste of the other editions of Shop’NCook while providing great value by itself even without the added cookbooks. So rather than improving the old Shop’NCook Reader, I made a whole new software from scratch.

Shop’NCook Reader 4.0 will allow you to

  • Organize in one convenient place all the recipes you have been accumulating for years. You will be able finally to empty these drawers full of recipe clips and throw away all these files on your computer.
  • Reach your favorite recipe site with a click and file the recipes you discover in just a few seconds with copy and paste.
  • Access instantaneously a dozen of cookbooks totaling thousands of recipes for easy reference.
  • Download with a click whole recipe archives so that you are never again short of cooking ideas. If you want, You can grow effortlessly your collection to over hundred thousand of recipes…
  • Find back a recipe easily with the ultrafast search tool. It can browse all your cookbooks for specific words or ingredients almost instantaneously.
  • Always cook exactly the quantities you need with the practical scaling tool that lets you change the number or size of the servings of any recipe.
  • Take pictures of your culinary creations and add them to your recipes with drag & drop.
  • Share your recipes with friends with the e-mail tool. You can also send them to your iPad for more convenience in the kitchen – or print them on cards if you prefer paper.
  • Upgrade anytime to another edition of Shop’NCook if your needs grow, to allow you to make shopping lists from your recipes with a click, plan meal, and much more.

Shop’NCook Reader is currently only available on Shop’NCook Facebook fan page. Click on the Welcome tab to access the download links.