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An iPad in the kitchen | Shop'NCook

An iPad in the kitchen

The first Shop’NCook iPhone application has been released about two weeks ago. After a first glitch 3 days after release, everything has run smoothly. During these two weeks, the app has been installed 1424 times and 667 recipes have been uploaded to the Direct Access online database. That is without counting the numerous “test” recipes I had to remove – actually, I had to make a special moderator version of the application just for this purpose.

I would like to share here how I envision Shop’NCook development on the iPhone and iPad.

Why an iPhone application now?

Writing a Shop’NCook iPhone application has been in my to-do list ever since the iPhone was released. It shot to the top of my list however when I saw Steve Jobs’s keynote presentation unveiling the iPad at the beginning of this year.

My first reaction to the iPad was

I want one in the kitchen!

I have many computers at home, but not one in the kitchen. It is a tiny kitchen and I wouldn’t have the place. Mainly, I don’t see myself typing on a keyboard or manipulating a mouse with hands covered in flour.

But the iPad is something else. It doesn’t have small mechanical parts that can become dirty while cooking and barely takes any place. It’s the ideal medium to consult recipes in the kitchen.

That’s when I became really serious about developing a Shop’NCook application for the iPad. Since the iPad was not yet available in Switzerland (it has only been available here for the last two weeks), I started by developping an iPhone application.

What next on the iPad and the iPhone?

I see complementary roles for Shop’NCook applications on the iPad and the iPhone:

  • In Shop’NCook for iPad, I want to focus in developing basic recipe editing and organizing capabilities, as well as allowing users to access their recipes from Shop’NCook software for Windows or Mac OS X.
  • The iPhone is a great and environmentally-friendly way to take your grocery list to the store. I want to create a Shop’NCook app for iPhone that lets you access your shopping list, but also create grocery lists on the fly from recipes to take better advantage of the specials in the store.

What is the feature you would most like to see on Shop’NCook for the iPhone or iPad? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Matt Fisher says:


    I love your ideas for the iPad and iPhone. i would love a shopping list on my iphone as well as my recipes on both iphone and ipad. i would love ipad access to recipes and shopping list when away from my home LAN like on vacation.

  2. Alma says:

    I would like to transfer/export my recipes from my shopncook on my macbook pro to my ipad.

  3. Kevin Reed says:

    would love the Iphone app. Would definitely make life easier. I have Shop’n Cook Pro updating prices as I shop for some items would be real nice

  4. Steve says:

    I would love the pro version, and am willing to pay the full price, the same day you bring it to the iPad. This software, along with Bento, Pages, and Numbers, would be the perfect suite on an iPad for an off-premise caterer such as myself.

  5. krissi says:

    hi there,

    recently my husband and i went through a major neighborhood fumagation. part of this process was cleaning all of the food out of cupboards, pantry, fridge, freezer, etc. we were stunned at how much food we had on-hand, that we had either forgotten about, or weren’t aware other people in the family had purchased.
    i/we are trying to find an app that would allow us to track our grocery purchases and then keep an inventory of those purchases, through the app. then, as we made recipes, using the app, the inventory would change to reflect the food we have on hand, based upon the amounts that we used in those recipes. this would allow us to track and maintain a more thorough knowledge of what food stuff(s) we have on hand an what else we should/shouldn’t be purchasing.
    i/we think this would be an invaluable tool and far-and-above anything currently out there today.

    thanks so much and we look forward to seeing what is in store for the ipad app!


  6. Gary says:


    Your S-n-C Home software for Mac is amazing! However, please consider adding some much needed features to iPad version. That is; edit capabilities for recipes, formatted recipe input like full version, sizable text to name few. You have a great thing going…please don’t stop now. Would love to hear your thoughts.

    On your side,


  7. Thomas says:

    On the iPad I want to be able to see MY collection of recipes that are on my desktop Mac.

  8. Chris says:

    Do you also plan on doing an android app?

  9. Mathilde says:


    Yes! :) I have actually just started working on an android app.