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Multi-user license for small businesses – an affordable solution | Shop'NCook
Multi-user license for small businesses - an affordable solution
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Multi-user license for small businesses – an affordable solution

Many startups have been asking me for an alternative for business use of the family license.

I have now created a new multi-user license for Shop’NCook Pro that is an affordable alternative to purchasing several licenses.

The multi-user license allows you to install the software on as many computers as you need and to synchronize them in order to access the same data from all your stations.

How do I purchase a multi-user license?

Adding Additional Users

On the checkout page, check “Additional User – Business Use”. This option will move to the product section. Click on the “recalculate” button next to the coupon box to update the amount of the discount.

Updating Number Of Users

Input then the number of additional users you want on your license. For example, if you input 5 additional users, you will get a six-user license. After changing the number of users, make sure to click the refresh button and that the change is reflected in the total price.

Is there a difference between a multi-user license and several single-user licenses?

A multi-user license can only have one name attached to it – typically your own name or your business name – and can be associated with only one synchronization account. It is ideal for small businesses who want to share only one set of recipes and purchasing information among all its stations.

If you need to share different sets of recipes among different groups of users, you need to have several synchronization accounts and should purchase several licenses.

Can I add users to my existing license?

No! Once a license is purchased, you cannot add users to it.

Do I need to purchase additional users to install Shop’NCook Mobile Kitchen app on my mobile devices?

No! Access on your mobile devices is included in your synchronization account. You don’t need to add users to your license for that.


  1. Carol Klinker says:

    Can I sync everything from one computer to the other, including the menus?

    • Mathilde says:

      You can sync the recipes, the database of grocery items (including the costing information), the nutritional data, the shopping list and the supermarkets. The menus are not included in the synchronization at the time being.

  2. marisa cole says:

    I bought the pro program and have it one my laptop but i would like to buy a license for my home computer as well. If I do that can i sync them so they are the same? How do I add a license for my work computer? Thanks so much

    • Mathilde says:

      Yes, if you purchase a license for your second computer, you will be able to synchronize Shop’NCook Pro so that both computers have the same data – except for the menus as they are not included in the synchronization.

      Once year of synchronization service is included in the purchase of a license.